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Keeping Your Hands Safe At Your Workplace

Your hands are your life when you work as a Laborer. Because nearly every activity construction laborer undertakes needs the use of their hands, safeguarding them on and off the job will go a long way toward prolonging your career and maximizing your safety.

One can ensure hand and fingers safety on and off the workplace by taking necessary precautionary measures which we’ll discuss below and by wearing the protective gloves from the top protective gloves manufacturer such as guilinhbmhealth.

Protecting your hands on the job

According to the research, hand injuries are among the second highly prevalent injuries in the construction industry (only back injuries are more frequent). Laborers are subject to a variety of hand dangers, but the following are a few of common:

  • Points of pinching or crushing between rolling and standing objects.
  • Machines with hot surfaces.
  • Drill bits and rotary saw blades that are rotating equipment.
  • Chemical compounds, such as acids, hydrocarbons and solvents.
  • Jewelry and long sleeves that can get into machine moving components.
  • Machinery that’s not been adequately shut out and will start up at any time.

Wearing gloves is one of the primary methods to protect your hands from scrapes, wounds, amputations, exposure to chemicals, and other risks. Assessing the potential exposures in the activities or processes, including reviewing the material safety data sheet for any substances that are in use are important parts to review before selecting one any protective gloves manufacturer for gloves purchase.

Many chemicals are possible to absorb via the skin, while others can produce rashes like contact dermatitis, which characterizes skin irritation, redness, swelling, scratching, and blisters. Chemical exposures, such as cement, can also cause skin allergies in certain persons.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), skin problems account for more than half of all sickness absence that relates to occupational sickness.

Choosing the correct hand tool is also an important element of hand protection. Tools with ergonomic handles minimize fatigue, boost productivity, and lower the risk of hand and wrist injuries. 

Repetitive strain injuries and a loss of grip strength can result from gripping a tool too firmly or bending your wrist incorrectly to use it. The correct tool is something that should come in use comfortably all day, not one that is something as “ergonomic.”

Ways to keep your hands safe at work

Hands play a crucial role in practically every work environment, but they are also super vulnerable to harm. Burns, bruising, scrapes, and fractures, to mention a few, are common hand injuries due to physical or chemical risks. Fortunately, these injuries are possible to avoid by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. Use gloves from a protective gloves manufacturer while handling chemicals, hot substances, sharp items, and other major workplace hazards.
  2. When cleaning your hands, avoid using powerful solvents or gasoline.
  3. Handle the right equipment for the job, and understand exactly how to use power tools carefully and securely. Never use machinery or power tools while alcoholic or under the influence of narcotics, even prescription medications.
  4. Protect yourself from specific threats by wearing proper gloves from a trustworthy protective gloves manufacturer.
  5. Always be aware of where both hands are put when working, especially while using machinery.
  6. When feeding material into equipment, avoid using your hands.
  7. Never sweep up glass, metal shavings, wood pellets, or other sharp materials with your hands.
  8. Consider not to wear long sleeves, jewelry, or anything else that can get stuck in the revolving equipment when working with it.
  9. Stretch and flex your hands and fingers every now and then to allow stiff and fatigue muscles and tendons to calm and relax.

Protecting your hands off the job

Just because you’re not working doesn’t mean your hands are not really in danger. Yard labor, automobile maintenance, and power tool use are all regular tasks that pose significant dangers to the hands. Your hands are

a complex structure of tendons, joints, ligaments, nerves, and bones under the skin. Keeping your hands safe at home is as basic as using the same hand safety behaviors you use at work.

Pinch spots, sharp or whirling objects, and abrasive substances such as solvents are all important to avoid. Laborers are more susceptible to a variety of repetitive stress injuries because they spend so much of their day working with their hands. If you suspect you could be suffering from one of the following disorders, go to your doctor:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – a pinch-nerve in the wrist causes tingling and numbing in the fingers, as well as acute, shooting sensations in the wrist.
  • Osteoarthritis, another name is wear-and-tear arthritis, is the cause of the breakdown of cartilage between bones over time. When moving the problematic joint, discomfort, soreness, stiffness, or a grating feeling are common symptoms.
  • Tendonitis is a condition that affects the tendons in the body. Tenderness, discomfort, and swelling are all indications of tendonitis, which is a cause of the inflammation of the tendons.

Taking actions to prevent issues from occurring is also part of good hand care. To keep your hands in the optimal possible form, follow these guidelines:

To keep your skin from getting dry or crack, use a moisturizer or hand lotion regularly. This applies whenever you feel your skin is going to crack or you are feeling excessive dryness.


  • Remove germs from under your nails regularly by cleaning them. These germs are also the cause of numerous health diseases; therefore, it is important to clean nails often so you may not intake them during the food.
  • Trim hangnails with fingernail clippers rather than pulling or tearing them. Using proper tools ensure your hands safety.
  • Choose an optimal protective gloves manufacturer for your protective gloves and remember to use them whenever doing something concerning taking medications, giving therapies, preparing food or drinks and wherever necessary. 
  • Whenever applying sunscreen, do not forget to include your hands and fingers.
  • Do not ever overlook inflammation. It can be a possible sign of a certain infection.

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