Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Are Perfect Snack for Kids and Adults


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Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles

Knorr Chatt Patta and Noodles are an unquestionable requirement to have in any kitchens pantry or storage space. Presenting to you an exemplary nibble straightforwardly from Pakistan, the knorr chatt patta noodles are entirely helpful for the eating event. Loaded with flavor, these instant noodles are extraordinary as a fun and scrumptious snack, or a speedy supper. Partake in these seasoned noodles regardless of stock as wanted. To support the integrity in your bowl, essentially add lean protein like cooked chicken, meat or prawns, and a lot of fresh vegetables to your noodles. Adjust the portions to suit the necessities of your loved ones and family members.  Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles are an amazing snack to make in a hurry feast without anyone else and are delectable to use in soups, mixed greens, frittatas, and mix fry’s. Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles contain ingredients such as wheat flour, edible vegetable oil, salt, mineral (calcium carbonate), guar gum. masala tastemaker, hydrolyzed groundnut protein, mixed spices 23.6% (onion powder, coriander, chili powder, turmeric, garlic powder, cumin, aniseed, fenugreek, ginger, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, cardamom), noodle powder.

Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Utilization

Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles are accessible in family packs helpfully measured for in a hurry cooking! At Knorr, our objective is spreading Indian food culture through quality items and family plans is our organization objective! Our true Indian Cooking flavors are of the best quality and will carry extraordinary flavor and essentialness to your supper table. Whether you’re searching for customary Indian flavors and food items to make a fascinating supper, or essentially needing to enjoy your wistfulness and make a supper with each of the recognizable kinds of home, don’t forget that the Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles are the fixings you really want!

Online shopping at MD-Store

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