Know What Makes Pune CBSE Schools So Good?

There are CBSE schools in every nook and corner of India. That is something which is quite understandable, given that this is India’s number one curriculum that affords one the opportunity to do extremely well in life. That being stated, the Pune CBSE schools are leagues ahead of their counterparts in other parts of the country. That fact is equally applicable to the many international schools that exist in Pune.

Let us take a look at the reasons behind the excellent CBSE and international schools in Pune are:

Glorious Tradition of Great Schools

While good schools may be coming up in all parts of the country lately, Pune has always had some of the best schools in the country right from the days of the British. With a long tradition of outstanding schools, the city of Pune quite naturally continues to be the place to receive an outstanding education.

Great Location

Pune is fortuitously located in close proximity to India’s financial capital Mumbai, as well as the hill towns of Panchgani and Lonavala which themselves boast some of the best schools in the country. The whole region is quite a hub of great schools who have this healthy rivalry amongst themselves, creating a great culture of education in the process.

Great Weather

Pune is one of the places in India that is always recognise for its year-long mild weather. It is not surprising that in the old days Pune CBSE Schools was famous for its schools and retired people who have settled in the town. Any place that has great weather is ideal for a child to receive an education, as one is able to study and learn in a great ambiance. That is certainly true of Pune which has long been the preferred destination for schools on account of its salubrious weather.

Cosmopolitan Culture

Pune is known for its cosmopolitan culture, which again makes the town ideal for receiving an education. That is one of the several important reasons that parents like to send their children to a school in Pune. No wonder the city has some of the best CBSE, ICSE, and IB schools in the country. Anyone who is educate in the town. They will only carry great memories of the years spent studying at one of its famed schools.

Technology Hub

Pune is a great technology hub and has a lot of people working in that sector. The children of these young and well-to-do professionals are accommodate in the large number of new plush international schools that have come up in the town. That happens to be a major cause in the mushrooming of the many new-age international schools.


Pune international schools and Pune CBSE Schools. Have a stellar reputation nationwide and for many good reasons, some of which mention above. Considering that Pune has grown substantially in the past few years on account of its growing importance. As a business and trade center, one can only expect its educational institutes to increase in number and importance.

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