Tricks for keeping Ottoman beds linen soft and velvety

The new Ottoman beds linen, but also the one that is not taken care of, has a rigid texture and this can be uncomfortable at bedtime. The quality and texture of bedding influences the quality of sleep. In this article we leave you with some tricks for keeping your ottoman beds linen soft and velvety.

One of the best times of the day, for many, is when the sun goes down and the day ends, when they go to bed. After the exhaustion accumulated during the day, the moment when I open the sheets and go to bed , is one of the priceless pleasures that life offers, every day. That magical moment when you sit on the soft mattress and feel the sheets caressing you, is, for many, as if they touch the sky. But, in order to achieve a quality rest and to enjoy this invaluable pleasure for a long time, it is very important to keep the sheets in optimal condition, and to make the bed every day.

The importance of Ottoman beds linen at bedtime

It is clear that bed linen helps to have a healthier rest, that’s what the next day’s performance depends on, as you can read in this article, but also health in general.

. The saying of the people “how do you lie so you sleep” in this case is not used figuratively. The linen and bedding used in the bedroom protects the bed mattress, pillows, quilt, so it protects our body. Also, bed linen is an element of decoration, and for many people, it is very important.

. The bed linen used in most hotels is of extraordinary quality. Just like bed mattresses. As you can read in this article, hotels try to retain customers, so they invest a lot in leisure equipment. The bed linen you rest in in a grandparent hotel is always soft and velvety. When you get home and feel the sheets, think about what you can do to be able to have the same feeling as at the hotel.

Tricks to manage soft and velvety bed linen


. Bed linen is not universal. When you go shopping and want to buy bed linen, keep in mind the size of the mattress. As for the size of the pillows and the duvet. Buy sheets that protect the bed mattress on the sides and that fit very well on it. Choose pillowcases that have the right size, so sleep comfortably and the next day do not wake up with a face full of stripes. There are bed linen on the market with pillowcases with buttons, but also with zippers.


. The best quality bed linen is also the one that is the most comfortable and fluffy. Often the price is the perfect indicator that shows us the quality of a bed linen. The most suitable material for a healthy rest is cotton. Due to its qualities, the sheets made of cotton protect the skin and prevent perspiration during sleep. Cotton is a durable material, so it allows a higher number of washes. Ironing the bed linen prolongs its use, so try ironing the sheets after each wash.


The feeling of fluff, the lack of stripes and the aroma of the bed linen are important elements for obtaining a healthy rest. To maintain this feeling it is important to wash the sheets and linen at least once every 15 days. In this way they are clean, free of mites and ready to give you the freshness you need for a healthy rest.

When the new bed linen is used for the first time on the mattress and on the pillows, it happens to feel the rigid texture given by the chemical residues left from the manufacturing process. Using the following tricks, we can speed up the soaking process of bed linen:

  1. Wash bed linen before first use. Use the warm water washing program, and in this way the bed sheets will lose the texture of rigidity.
  2. Add a cup of baking soda. Replace the detergent you usually use with a cup of baking soda. Baking soda helps reduce the feeling of stiffness.
  3. When the rinsing cycle begins, add a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar together with baking soda is the perfect combination to achieve a soft and velvety bed linen.
  4. Spread the bed linen very well. After you have finished washing, spread the sheets on the wire to dry in the sun. If you have a tumble dryer, you can use it with a low temperature program. This way the sheets do not get into the water.

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