Packers And Movers How To Choose The Right One For You

For a common man, there are only a handful of opportunities to pack up his belongings and move them to a new place. And even if he does have this opportunity, packers and movers is usually not sure how to pack his stuff. In addition, the question of cost-effectiveness also comes into play when it comes to moving from one place to another.

Divide Your Stuff Into Three Categories

To pack up your items in an effective way, you can divide them into 3 different categories.

  1. packable
  2. Non-Packable
  3. Extremely hard-to pack items


Packable would include clothes (folded or hung up), toys, shoes (placed in boxes), and other such items. With packable, you can pack them into individual boxes which can be labeled easily.


Nonpackable would include different types of items like vases, glasses, statuettes, etc. Given these items are fragile and expensive, you will need special attention when packing them. If they break down because of improper packaging, the packers would be liable for it. In such a case, they usually pack all items in gunny bags to stop them from breaking down.

Extremely Hard-To Pack Items

Extremely hard-to-pack items include items like electrical appliances and kitchenware, things that cannot be moved without professional help. Where packable stuff is usually broken down into individual packing for each item, non-packable need special attention.

Certain things need special attention when it comes to packaging and moving them. They may include electrical appliances and kitchenware etc. For packers and movers, usually pack up these items in locked wooden crates. These crates help protect the belongings of the packer/mover from breaking down due to any unforeseen events like bumps on the road.

Choose packers and movers wisely

There are different types of packers and movers that operate in Pakistan- there are packers  who work on their own, packers and movers who operate in groups (usually 2-5 packers) and there are movers with their trucks.

When choosing between different movers and packers it is advisable to choose one that will come with its trucks. 

This way if something goes wrong you can make a claim on them for breaking down your belongings.

Benefits of movers and packers

There are many benefits of packers and movers in Pakistan. Given packers/movers deal with the transportation part of the job only, hence they will not charge extra for packing or unpacking your items. This makes them cost-effective when compared to other movers who take care of both transport and house shifting services. One can also pack their stuff and packers and movers will take care of the transportation aspect.

Hiring packers and movers is always better than hiring a self-help group because packers/movers who work in groups usually have experience in the field which makes them more efficient than your usual neighbor’s packers and helpers. In addition, packers are professional packers and movers who have the expertise in transporting packable, nonpackable, and extremely hard to pack items.

Don’t forget to ask about the insurance policy of your potential packers/movers before you sign any contract with them.

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