Does Product Image Quallity Decide The Fate Of The Products?

Is The Success Of A Product Dependent On The Quality Of Images Used?

How would you feel if you search for a product and land upon a listing that has poor-quality, blurry images. Or even worse, doesn’t have a product photo? Since the potential buyers won’t be sure of what the product looks like, he/she might also not be able to make a fully rational purchase decision based on what he/she sees.

High-quality product images play a pivotal role in closing a deal faster. So, as an eCommerce seller, if you intend to drive the attention of your prospects and convince them to click on the ‘buy’ button, then you must use clear, high-resolution, and visually appealing product photos that work in your favor to bring in more sales in your kitty.

The use of raw, unprofessional images on your product pages can also hamper the success of your products across the eCommerce platform and might even lead to a higher product failure rate. After all, shoppers rely on product images for making a well-informed buying decision, don’t they?

Now, what can you do to ensure the success of your products? The answer is simple – use well-optimized, high-quality product photos! How does this benefit your brand? Let us throw some light on the importance of high-quality product photos and effective image editing.

Advantages of using high-quality, professionally edited product photos

Advantages of Image Optimization

Product photos that are well-optimized to give a professional, clutter-free look garner attention of shoppers more than raw, unedited, and unprofessional product images. Additionally, well-optimized images also play a vital role in boosting eCommerce sales consequently.

Here’s why product image optimization is required for online sellers intending to sell more:

  • Give a professional look and feel to the images

It is extremely important that the product images look professional yet visually appealing. With a large number of sellers penetrating the retail market at a fast pace, it becomes imperative that your product photos look presentable. Plus create a perfect first impression to close a deal. The intent is to lure the potential buying audience with product images that are professionally sound and of supreme quality.

  • Build the trust of your prospects

Another important reason why product image optimization is required is that it helps in building awareness of your brand and gaining trust. This clearly means that well-optimized product photos are more impactful than raw, unedited ones.

  • Provide assurance of quality

The impact of eCommerce product images is enormous. Once you upload high-resolution, enticing product images to your product pages, you will notice a considerable increase in your online product sales. The intent is to enhance the quality of photos to be uploaded on the product page, to increase the sales potential.

Simply put, the higher the quality of photos, the more convinced your customers will be about the quality of your products.

  • Achieve competitive advantage in the industry

When you have high-quality, captivating product photos at hand, that set and encourage realistic expectations, you are bound to stand out from the crowd and have an edge over your competing counterparts. And this, in fact, is another key effect of eCommerce image optimization.

  • Unlock the SEO potential of your products

Leveraging photos to boost the SEO potential of your products becomes easier when they are of high quality. So, go ahead and unlock this untapped potential to accomplish more sales and minimize product failure. You can do this by adding alt text, optimizing image file names, and incorporating relevant, high-volume keywords and phrases wherever possible. Don’t overdo it though. In addition, you must include multiple angles and close-up shots for best results!

  • Expand your brand presence and reach

High-quality images get more exposure than low-quality ones. You can achieve an augmented reach and an increase in brand value through high-quality, flawless product photos. In fact, if the photos are up to the mark, the shoppers won’t hesitate to share the products and product images with their friends and family. Leveraging social media is another great way to make an impactful brand presence.

  • Notable reduction in returns

There is a dire need of Image optimization to minimize product returns. If done the right way, image optimization can yield amazing benefits. Say in terms of reduction in returns triggered due to the dissemination of any misleading, hidden, or incorrect information.

Uploading high-resolution, clear images of products results in showcasing what the product looks like in the most accurate manner, helping the potential audience decide better.

  • Better results

When you demonstrate professionally sound and visually captivating photos, you are bound to get better results. With professional image enhancement and editing, photos will look more attractive and impactful and deliver exemplary results. So, focus on the impact of eCommerce product images to get favorable results.

  • More room to focus on core competencies

With the emergence of many effective image editing techniques and tools, now a majority of freelance photographers, online retailers, and real estate agents are able to minimize their shooting time significantly! Also, there is no need for reshooting either! By reducing the shoot time, you get to save a lot of your valuable time. During this spare time, you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Another crucial effect of eCommerce image optimization is cost saving. Image enhancements help in improving the overall quality of photos captured in a photoshoot in addition to some minor corrections. There is no need for reshooting if you don’t get a perfect click because you can easily fix it using image editing. And so, you won’t have to spend any amount on the planning and execution part. And that’s how you get to save the operating costs substantially.

You obviously don’t want the quality of images to decide the fate of your products and become the biggest cause of low eCommerce sales. Prevent eCommerce product failure by using professionally edited images for every product you intend to sell online. If you are finding it difficult to optimize the product photos, do not hesitate to go ahead. Take help from experienced photo retouching professionals and achieve your product sales goal faster!

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