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Recover your HME Billing and its Denial with Sunknowledge Expertise

HME billing

With the huge demand for urgent medical care and services, the pandemic has further led to an increase in claims where practices are seen ending up with a soaring denial rate due to insufficient resources. According to a recent survey, 2020 alone saw an 11 % of increased in medical claims denial worldwide and around 13% in 2021; a number that stressed out many healthcare providers.

Furthermore, the rising denial claims one of the factor in the decreased Medical spending. In fact, Medicare reimbursements for physician services dropped around $ 14 billion in 2020 as reported by the American Medical Association.

Sunknowledge – the solution for your increased denial:

Being a fully integrated RCM service that has the capabilities to reverse course on claim denials, Sunknowledge Services Inc for more than 15 + have been managing the revenue cycle efficiently for many practices. Ensuring timely claims submission, our expert further ensures:

  • Continuous follow up
  • Real time audit and 24 turnaround time
  • 9% accuracy rate
  • 80 % operational cost reduction
  • 97 % highest collection rate
  • Customized reporting according to the client’s protocol ( daily, weekly and even monthly )
  • 100 % prior authorization submission on the same day and many other benefits

Resolving every denial appealing it in a timely manner, we are an RCM solution that leaves no cash on the table. In fact, we are the only RCM organization that does everything from data entry, eligibility verification to medical coding and claims submission accounts receivable management etc at a cost effective rate of only $7 per hour. Allowing your staff to concentrate on organizational goals and not billing operations, our expert further ensures the highest productivity metrics as well. With a no cost dedicated account manager, we are here working on improving the revenue cycle, increasing profits and enhancing the patient experience.

So what are you waiting for, when you have an RCM that customized your individual billing needs and works on providing seamless HME billing operation and a better ROI.

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