What are the Responsibilities of a Well-Qualified International High School Teacher

Starting from the primitive era till these modern developing times, the role of a teacher has been significant in human civilization. Whether it is a Gurukul in the past decades or the modern-day CBSE schools for 11th and 12th standards. The only factor that remains constant is the role of a teacher. As a leading educational organization in the city, our school has a good reputation due to the best teaching fraternity leadership.

How do teachers help to define students’ learning paths in an international high school?

Our teachers hold a vital role in shaping the future of young minds by nurturing and discovering their true potential. They encourage and motivate the next generation of learners to become valuable assets in the workforce. Correct guidance from a well-trained and highly qualified teacher can have a positive effect on the students’ lives and lessons.

The approach, qualification, and passion of our teachers to educate your little ones are the backbone of GIIS. Here, our entire teaching faculty helps the students to understand the importance of education so they can pursue their dream careers afterward.

Responsibilities of the High School teachers of CBSE schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th standards

We all know that the teacher’s primary responsibility is to impart proper education and knowledge to their students. But it is not the only responsibility that the teacher has. Let us look at some of the other roles that the teacher plays in the student’s life.


Mentorship is one of the most vital roles that teachers have to play. The liability of the tutor does not end after giving lessons in the class and assessing the student’s progress. The young minds of our school look up to their faculty and make them role models. This way, they shape their behavior and personality to become like their mentor. Since students spend most of their time in an international high school with their tutors, they greatly influence your child’s mental progress and growth.

A Helpful Hand

Teachers are always willing to offer their helping hand. From solving any academic problem to smoothing the school’s functioning. It entails performing their duties at parent-teacher meetings, various educational events, quizzes, debates, extempore, assisting in admission counseling for colleges or higher education, and many other things. In this current COVID-19 pandemic, virtual schooling has become an integrated way of learning among students. Since this is new for your children and the parents, our teachers will continue to help them with the curriculum. Our teaching fraternity is doing an outstanding job, which has made us the best CBSE schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th classes.


By default, teachers play the role of a leader very well. The teaching faculties have to play an extensive role as teachers because students will come to them for more information about any subject. Even if our teachers are not aware of some topics, they will help you and your little one come to the appropriate conclusion. For example, parents and students always seek proper advice from a teacher before making vital decisions like career or course selection for higher education.


Teachers are the best examples that learning can never end. A teacher with the mission to lead their students will constantly brush up their teaching skills for more academic excellence. Since technologies and the curriculum are continuously upgrading, our teachers are also participating in different training programs to update their skills.

End Words

Thus, from above, it is evident that the teachers of our school fit many roles in students’ lives and are significant people students look up to.


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