Robust And Visually Impressive Cosmetic Packaging Boxes UK

Cosmetic packaging boxes in UK or anywhere else in the world have a special appeal that pulls customers towards them. 

This blog will highlight various factors that help make cosmetic packaging boxes something that customers greatly appreciate. We will look at multiple packaging materials that act as a base for various customisations. 

Let’s begin by imagining a scenario in which the customers enter the shop and is checking out various cosmetics. They stumble around to check the ingredients and look at the pretty pictures on the packaging surface. However, something catches their eye. 

cosmetic boxes packaging

A stellar retail box with a smooth look, crisp edges, beautiful custom prints with vibrant colours. That is it! That is what they were looking for. A company that focuses on their packaging as much as the product. A company that understands that product packaging and especially high-quality cosmetic packaging plays a vital role in winning the customers over. 

Are you that company? Would you like to be in that company? Because if you are or want to be, this blog is perfect for you.

Packaging Materials For Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

The box had a smooth surface with crisp, clean edges in the previous example. Do you think that was a coincidence? That was the work of a designer who understands that the right packaging material can help make or break the packaging. 

The packaging material is the basis of nay great packaging. It is responsible for giving the packaging its durability. Thus, it directly affects the outcome of shipping and retail handling. Does the product survive the turbulent transit and comes out unscathed, or is the bottle or jar damaged, leading to a diminished customer experience? 

All that is controlled by choice of packaging material.

However, that is not all. 

The packaging material is also responsible for the find look of the packaging. You might use the latest pining technique and world standard colour models. But, if the substrate is not good enough, no amount of custom prints can increase the visual appeal of the packaging to a certain point. 

This section will take you through some common packaging materials to help you make robust custom cosmetic packaging boxes. 

  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • Rigid Paperboard


The cardstock packaging material is lightweight, compressed paper, and wonderfully attractive. It offers a slick and smooth surface that is ideal for keeping the retail cosmetic boxes clean. 

Furthermore, it can be cut easily and is stiff enough to maintain its shape. Thus, you can incorporate various packaging styles, like, gable, sleeve, tuck end, into your packaging design and hope for exceptional results.

Even though cardstock boxes are not particularly well suited for long-distance shipping, they are fantastic for making retail style cosmetic packaging that can pull customers from afar due to their superb surface and printability.

cosmetic boxes wholesale

Corrugated Cardboard

The corrugated cardboard is a powerhouse of packaging material. This material offers unmatched strength out of all the options. Furthermore, this strength can be increase according to your packaging needs. 

It is made using various layers of different materials. The outer layers offer wear and tear resistance, whether inner layers offer incredible durability with the help of a fluted (wavy) structure. 

Some cosmetic boxes wholesale suppliers even allow you to customize the fluted layer to have increased toughness or printability. 

Corrugated cardboard is primarily used when you want to ship your products over long distances and in harsh environmental conditions. ‘

Eco-Friendly Kraft

All paper packaging materials are inherently recyclable. However, some are better than others in that regard. The Kraft packaging materials takes it a step further. This material is biodegradable too. 

It is made using wood pulp and recycled paper. Thus, using Kraft boxes, you can promote your brand as environmentally friendly. 

As for its physical properties, it offers decent strength to protect your products. However, it isn’t particularly strong in harsh conditions. However, it does a stellar job of protecting products from environmental moisture. 

As for the printability, the Kraft materials falls short. It offers a more rustic and down to earth look, which can be leveraged in other ways.

Rigid Paperboard

Finally, we come to the piece de resistance, the rigid paperboard material. This material is made using a combination of recycled material and other fiberboards. It has incredible mechanical strength, primarily due to its thicker than other options.

This material is widely available in sizes greater than 32 points (12 mm). However, that is not its most significant benefit. 

The rigid paperboard material shines bright in printability and visual aesthetics. It is a wonderful substrate for printing techniques, add-ons, and finishing coats. Thus, you can create truly immaculate looking packaging boxes that grab the customers’ attention. 

Furthermore, the rigid paperboard material has a unique ability to enhance the perceived value of any product that you place inside.

Even though it is usually a more expensive option, it more than makes it up for it. 

This section covered the different packaging materials that can help you make exceptional custom cosmetic packaging boxes. 

custom cosmetic packaging

In Conclusion

It can be helpful to note that one size does not fit all. What works for your competitors might not necessarily work for you.

Thus, it would be best if you were mindful of your unique packaging requirements 

For example, the cardstock packaging material is ideal if you want to make little retail boxes with impressive custom prints. Now let’s say you want to ship these cardstock boxes to retailers all over the world. Then it will help to have corrugated cardboard shipping boxes that can serve as a protective casing around your fragile yet beautiful cosmetic packaging. 

Suppose you want to portray your brand as environmentally conscious and serve customers who demand brands be more responsible about their packaging. In that case, the Kraft packaging material can be an ideal choice. 

However, suppose you want to go all out and create custom cosmetic packaging boxes UK that steal the show with their impressive looks and outclass visual aesthetics. In that case, the rigid paperboard material might be the best option.

Which material will you choose from your next custom cosmetic packaging?  

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