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Set up your dining room with cabinets in the most efficient and gorgeous way

In most Indian households, we have different sets of plates, dishes, and crockery that we use for the family and the guests or other important people who come over. We use fancier items for our guests and the more everyday ones for daily use. Even among the fancy crockery, there are several sets that we keep in our homes to have a variety of options when the time comes. Not only plates but also other items like serving spoons, glasses, tea sets, the assortment of bar glasses, serving bowls, among many others are kept in the kitchen cabinets waiting to be used.

Cabinets for crockery – A systematic household does not crumble in unexpected situations. This system can be generalized, even for keeping the basic stuff like plates and spoons. Having a good cabinet and storage unit for all the extra but essential items in the house, or particularly for the kitchen, has become a must in today’s times. Flaunt your amazing crockery sets even if they are not in use by placing them in the most elegant cabinets to store them. The main purpose of a crockery cabinet is to be functional and to provide the essential space that the household would require. A secondary aspect would be the style and elegance that it provides when set in place.

Options for crockery and kitchen storage units – While the functional elements of these units are primary, one does not need to compromise on the style factor. With the plethora of options available, both these aspects can easily be met with charm.

  1. Baltoro Wide gloss finish – This white glossy finish cabinet for crockery is good enough to keep any set of utensils that you deem fit. The wide nature and spaciousness allow for maximum storage.
  2. Akira Wide sideboard – This open cabinet is a good way to flaunt the perfect crockery sets that you have at your home with the element of subtlety. Kettles, teapots, plates, you name it and the cabinet would hold it.
  3. Vector Wide Sideboard – This Mahogany finished cupboard is a dark-themed one that has a wide cupboard area and drawers. Here is where you can plan well by keeping the flatter items like spoons or napkins in the drawers while using the cupboard area for higher/taller items.
  4. Jeeves kitchen wall rack – This minimal but highly purposeful wall rack is the epitome of usefulness and classiness. It can be used for basic items such as salt and pepper shakers, oil containers, or even kitchen clothes.
  5. Malabar Tall Unit – For more storage space, this cabinet would be ideal. Being tall and wide, it is capable of fitting a lot more items in an efficient manner. The frequently used items can be placed on the top shelves while the others can be stacked away at the bottom.
  6. Julia Kitchen Trolley – A trolley is always a game changer in a household. Keep basic items like tissues, spoons, post-dinner sweets, etc on the trolley and pass the trolley around the room for the guests to delight themselves. You can also have a permanent place for it in a corner of the room.

Choose to decorate your kitchen and dining room with effective storage facilities and pocket-friendly rates.

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