Significant 6 Types of Illustration Designs Highly in Demand

An illustration is any form of design that applies classic principles of form, color, shapes, and layouts to shape and display artwork. Similar to graphic design, it can assist in expressing concepts and ideas visually. It helps in products selling, educates consumers and promotes trade. Illustrations are the emerging format of design, becoming the choice of millions. In this article, Illustration Experts have enlisted six types of illustration design highly in demand these days. In fact, people interconnect illustration with 2D graphical visuals. On the other hand, it is also interrelated with common graphics. Let us read about the types of the illustration in detail.

6 Types of Illustration Design Highly in Demand

Illustrations can explain an impression even with a higher degree of resolution. It conveys the story behind an image when spectators look at the illustrations. To put it that way, when a brand tells a story through an illustration, it achieves the aim of transferring a message.

  1. Book Cover Illustrations

Book Cover Illustrations intend to captivate reader attention. It enables authors and book publishers to associate a striking visual with their writing in the book. It augments the feeling of the book narrative as well as the author’s personality in connection to it. Second, the best part is it can track details as the creator want it. It depicts the specifications of what a bibliophile can expect inside a book. Authors avail diverse book cover illustration for paperback, hardcopy, and e-book versions.

  1. Comic Illustrations

To start with, comic book is one old category in literature and cartoon industry both. However, it is advancing with the backing of new tools, techniques, and tactics available. Comic illustrators produce images for comic books and concepts. More, cartoons are another prominent form of comic narrative, which usually narrate perceptions in a satirical style. It can be with or without text and can be used in books, periodicals, magazines, pamphlets, banners, and more.

  1. Children Book Illustration

Now, this may be similar to book cover illustrations; however, it is also different in some ways. Children’s literature highly depends on visuals to connect with readers. The need arises for books given their age varying in genres, levels, and complexity. Further, Children’s Book Illustration changes in art type and creativity with each book. For instance: children’s book for two years to 7 years old demands a great focus on color and background.

  1. Infographics

They are an assortment of diagrams and images with a minimum of text, letting onlookers swiftly comprehend the essence of the topic. They are interrelated to communication and graphic design, as well as attributed to illustration. Good infographics make it simpler to recognize information and consume a large amount of data in an easy manner. Importantly, we use in concept creation where both image and words are required to explain a notion.

  1. Packaging Illustration

Specifically, the market is growing rapidly with new trend becoming part of it rapidly. Packaging illustration assists companies in selling their merchandise while keeping up with the trends of the market. It serves as eye-catching bait to entice viewers. Along with that, it also allows businesses to depict a brand, their goods, and services in a wholesome manner. Adding a personal hint of trade and custom feel through illustrations, set a trade apart from their competitors.

  1. Mascot Illustration

A mascot is the face of an organization or brand. It has the power to engross viewers and develop relationships with the target audience. Mascot Illustration is an image that is highly used by gaming industry individuals. In some cases, it bears an image of a distinguishable brand ambassador, often in the form of a caricature. More, the designs are relatable, extending the audience an easy way to link up the brand and audience. They are also great when it comes to academic institution emblems, as well as sport league insignias.


We create illustration art to explain an idea, and depict the ideas and philosophies in an aesthetical means. Different types of illustrations work in different cases and facilitate various purposes. Thus, the chief objective of an illustration is to enlighten up the observers. We use them for envisioning the needs of buyers following specific goals. More, the audience focuses illustration for only book publishing, but it has a lot of importance in video script too, especially when we talk about colorful story board writing. Basically, the need of the business and the idea play main role in making the decision for illustration design. Lastly, a good illustration helps creating harmony to cater to the needs of the client and an intended audience.

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