Super 10 Tips for Super Bowl Betting Grid

Super Bowl or football squares are the best pastimes for super bowl parties. They are fun and provide everyone to place small bets on particular outcomes. The members can participate by contributing a sum of money to give a specific share to the winner of each quarter. So, if you are looking forward to hosting such a party for the upcoming event, you must look into super bowl betting grids. They are accessible online to take a print, or you can draw manually. Here are the top 10 tips to follow for making super bowl Sunday really thrashing.

10×10 grids

In order to make the play easy, you must draw 10×10 grids with 100 individual boxes. Every participant can contribute a sum of 1 $, for example, to make a combined winning amount. There are also 5×5 grids available online.

Occupy the boxes

There will be 100 boxes to be occupied by the members each. Every individual has the right to choose any box by contributing the money in a pot. Each member can occupy multiple boxes if the numbers of players are less.


You must write the name of one team on top and another on the left side of the grid. This means one team would get a horizontal axis, and another gets vertical. You can consider previous years’ teams such as Chiefs and Buccaneers to make the game interesting.

The numbers

The next tip is to assign numbers randomly to each box of the grid horizontally and vertically. You can use an online app for extracting random numbers. If not, you can use a manual way by using a playing cards deck. It could be placed under a hat to extract the numbers. This framework would complete the setup of super bowl betting grids without any glitches.


Now, you need to carefully watch the game to note down scores. It is vital to consider the last digit of scores. You must match the scores to the boxes in the grid. Where these scores intersect with row and column, you can get the winner.

Best numbers

The best numbers for super bowl betting are 0, 1, 3, and 7, as these numbers are frequently repeated in previous matches.

Worst numbers

2, 5, and 9 are the worst numbers in super bowl squares. These numbers have rare repetition, so they are considered as worst.

Small bets

The super bowl betting grids are meant for small bets on NFL. So, you must consider a small amount to use for each square. It will keep the game interesting, and no one will lose a big amount of money.

Empty squares

If there are empty squares in the grid due to a lack of players, then you need not panic. You can rollover the winning amount to the next quarter if an empty square wins. It will not give the winning amount to any participant but could increase the payout for the next quarter. The winner will get the amount for the current and previous quarters.

Prize distribution

The winning amount would be distributed among winners as per the rule. It is a 20 percent share of the total prize money to be distributed for 1st to 3rd quarters. This means if the total amount is 500 dollars, then 100 dollars each are eligible for 1 to 3 quarter winners. The 40 percent share is reserved for the last quarter winner, which is 200 dollars.

To sum up

Playing super bowl betting grids is really exciting and simple. But the outline of the grid must be accurate. You can find them readily available on the betting sites without any difficulty. These are the easy-to-learn tips that you can understand clearly. So, be ready for the grand super bowl party on the 13th of February 2k22 to have a blast with your mates. It would certainly become a memorable day of this New Year.  

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