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Teeth Whitening: Facts, Types, And Products That Work

Teeth Whitening: Facts, Types, and Products That Work

Teeth Whitening (also known as Bleaching) is the process of removing stains from the teeth by using various agents, including peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. The most popular and well-known technique for teeth whitening is carbamide peroxide, which is typically sold in concentrations greater than 10%.

Teeth whitening is a popular beauty trend that has been around for centuries. It has evolved from using pasta with egg white to using a gel. In addition, there are different types of teeth whiteners for different people, including strips and gels, peels, kits, and rinses.

This product works by changing the color of your teeth back to their natural shade after taking it out of the mouth for 10 minutes.

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening is the process of whitening teeth with a professional service for cosmetic purposes. It is done at the doctor’s office, dentist, or professional beauty salon. Professional whitening can be expensive. Often, it involves spending a lot of money on dental treatments like teeth bleaching and teeth whitening over time.

The growing trend in the beauty industry for white-looking teeth has led to an increase in demand for professional whitening services, with new treatments like teeth bleaching and teeth whitening being introduced in the market by professional beauty salons.

White tooth enamel is a natural and healthy condition for your teeth. When the enamel is white, it reflects light in all directions, brightening your smile. Professional whitening can be a viable option even if you do not have stained teeth but want whiter ones.

Professional whitening has been around since ancient times. One of its earliest uses was to help with stains on ancient textiles.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening procedure is a beauty procedure that every female should try before turning 40. It is especially important as we get older because our teeth can no longer protect us from oral diseases like gum disease and cavities. Luckily, there are many ways to whiten your teeth without going under the knife.

Dental Bleaching is a procedure that whitens teeth by removing stains on the tooth surface and revealing the natural color of the enamel. It makes sense that lasers remove stains from teeth and reveal the natural color. But these days, in addition to using lasers, they also utilize other techniques to provide better results and more efficient procedures.

One of these techniques is using an LED light found effective in various studies.

This technique involves placing a light source on top of your teeth, so it illuminates them instead of laser light irradiating them. Another advantage is that there is no need for a very close distance between you and the light source, allowing for more comfortable treatment for your patient.

Custom Teeth Whitening Kit

As dental professionals, we must want our patients to get the best care possible and improve their overall health. But how can a dentist give people their pearly whites without hurting them?

The answer is a custom teeth whitening kit.

Dentists currently have two ways of whitening teeth. Bleaching the enamel or using peroxide to remove stains on the surface of teeth. While Bleaching does help with discoloration and removes some stains, it’s not highly effective in removing all stains. That’s where custom teeth whitening kits come in.

Teeth need to be white and healthy. With the help of a custom teeth whitening kit, you can get whiter teeth in a short period.

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