Best Places to Trek in Thailand

Thailand is one of the popular destinations among tourists. It is not only known for tourist spots, water sports, shopping, street foods, temples but also for hiking trails. Yes, you read it right. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best place to trek in Thailand. So, if you are planning an adventures trip to Thailand, then you must go for these treks.

Kamphaeng Phet

If you want to experience a Thailand trekking tour, Kamphaeng Phet is the first trek you should go. On your trek to Kamphaeng Phet, you will experience the tranquility and beauty of nature at its best. Kamphaeng Phet is a charming town having an ancient feel about it. But, more importantly, it is close to national parks, high mountains, and lush forests, all of which allow hikers to immerse themselves in nature while also getting some exercise. Explore several flora and fauna, waterfalls, streams, and ultimate calm on your Thailand trekking tour.

Doi Inthanon Trek

mountain trekking to Doi Inthanon will be one of the best treks that you will experience on your Thailand tour. Once you will embark on your trek, you will enjoy beautiful sights of birds, forests, flora and fauna, mountains, and much more. It is Thailand’s tallest peak at 2565 meters and one of the best mountain trekking in Thailand. It’s also one of the most beautiful, with three spectacular waterfalls cascading down its cliffs and mist covering its highest summit for the most of the year. Try out some local cuisines on your trek and don’t forget to click some stunning photographs. In case, you are looking for a Flight booking app to plan your travel to Thailand, download EaseMyTrip and grab amazing discounts on your tickets.


Looking for the best hiking trails in Thailand? Why don’t you try out a trek to Chian Mai? When it comes to trekking, Chiang Mai is one of the most well-known destinations. Even if you are a newbie, you can have best the experience on the hiking trails in Thailand with some memorable adventures. On your trek, you will definitely enjoy beautiful valleys and rivers, thick green forests like the Pin and Maetang, and a variety of tribal settlements with ethnic minorities to visit. Chiang Mai’s pathways are ideal for first-time hikers. Undoubtedly, a trek to Chian Mai would be the best trek of your time.


Umphang is one of the best trekking places in Thailand. Located halfway between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, a trek to Umphang will be a memorable experience for you. Even though this location is well-known among Thais, it is always on the minds of international visitors. Thi Lor Su waterfall, a significant attraction in the Umphang wildlife sanctuary is Thailand’s most well-known of its sort. If you are planning to go on a trek to this beautiful destination, you must go for Umphang as it is one of the most distant hiking destinations in Thailand.

Khao Chang Phueak

Khao Phueak is another best place to trek in Thailand. Chang Phueak (1,249m), is located in Kanchanaburi which is a part of Pha Phum National Park. It is a mountain area on the Myanmar border and is known as a legendary hike among locals. However, it is not popular among tourists as only 60 persons are allowed to travel the path (each day).

The hike begins in Etong Village, which is located within the national park. There’s only one way up from there. Expect to see steep, grassy mountains with a camping area after four or five hours. This is the point at which most people decide not to continue any farther – proceed at your own risk!

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