The Best Android Puzzle Games for Adults in 2022

Adult puzzle games on Android have progressed in recent years thanks to advancements in Android gaming. I was always drawn to puzzle games as a child because they pushed me to push myself. Yes! I couldn’t eat a meal without the ideas that came to me while I was solving puzzles on my Android phone.

In the gone few years, the gaming industry has produced some of the best puzzle games for adults on Android, thanks to innovative gaming engines and committed developers.

Amateur and part-time gamers alike can have a blast playing these games, regardless of skill level.

#1 Dear Villagers

Google Play offers the game for as low as $2.99. The first time you play this intriguing puzzle game for adults on your Android device, you’re in for a treat. Among its most popular collections are “A Normal Lost Phone,” “Another Lost Phone,” and so on.

The game’s object is to locate and examine the contents of a phone to learn about the life of the person whose phone it was and should definitely do so in 2021!

#2 The Eyes of Ara

This puzzle game’s full version costs $4.99. The puzzle game Myst Players may be familiar to some of you. This puzzle game for adults on Android can be considered a modern adaptation of the classic game in which you must search the world for clues and then unlock the storey by following secret snippets that you’ll come across as you progress.

This puzzle game’s most captivating feature is its 3D environment, which will quickly ensnare you once you begin playing.

#3 Faraway 3 | The Arctic Escape

Being stranded in the Arctic offers a unique combination of thrills and chills. In this game, you’ll be enthralled by the stunning landscapes, but you’ll be glued to your mobile screens as the game progresses and challenges you in ways you can’t imagine.

There are three games in this series, and it’s just as good, if not better than the first two. I strongly encourage everyone in my ComingGames network to check out these action-packed puzzle games for adults. Using this link, you can download this game for free.

#4 All That Remains Part 1

If you haven’t already, I bet you’ve played this Android game at least once. It’s a treat for Android gamers who enjoy puzzle-solving games like this one. Every room is like a bunker in this adult puzzle game that you must escape from. When playing this game, you may find yourself jumping out of your chair due to the game’s ominous setting and numerous goosebump-inducing moments.

You have a two-way radio with your in-game sister, with whom you can communicate. This puzzle game for adults is only $2.49 if you buy it in its entirety through the app store.

#5 Hello Neighbour

Take advantage of your strange neighbour’s experiments to learn about new ways to break into his house. He’s a no-bullshit villain, so be on your guard. You’re in big trouble, my friend, if he finds you or learns what you spilt on his property.

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More than a million people have downloaded this puzzle game for their Android phones and tablets, and it will still be available to play in 2021 without any changes. Do you want to participate in a game of Hello Neighbor? Just $ 14.99 is all you need to get it on the App Store.

#6 Professor Layton Series

From the makers of the Nintendo DS comes Professor Layton. This intriguing puzzle game for adults comes in three parts: Curious Village ($9.99), Diabolical Box ($.15.99), and Mystery Journey ($.15.99). Gamers who enjoy silly games will enjoy this one because of the comical graphics and silly setting.

Playing Professor Layton on my Android phone is always a joy for me, as I’m a huge fan of the series. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it right now from the Playstore on your Android phone or tablet.

#7 Monument Valley

Those looking for something new and exciting will be delighted by Monument Valley, a puzzle game for adults! One of the most stunning games on Android, without a doubt. This puzzle game for adults on Android has graphics and audio that are out of this world.

Throughout your journey through Monument Valley, you’ll come across a total of 8 chapters. In addition to your Android phone or tablet, you can use another device to synchronise the game. It’s available for less than $5 on the Google Play Store.

#8 Love Poly 

If you’re looking for an adult puzzle game for Android that’ll keep you entertained for hours, try Love Poly. It has a simple interface, classic gaming modes, and a tonne of puzzles to keep you entertained. The best part of this Android game is the match-music style that keeps you engaged for longer periods of time.

You can download it for free from the PlayStore. So, what’s the point in waiting any longer? I’d love to hear what you think of this Android game puzzle for adults, so please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

#9 Frozen Free Fall

If you’re a diehard Disney fan, you’ll enjoy this. For example, a free Android puzzle game called Frozen Free Fall challenges you to match the items on your phone or tablet’s screen with those on the grid. So, for example, you must match at least three icy things to complete the challenge.

In this Android puzzle game for adults, there are over 1000 levels to play through. If you’ve never played a game like this before, you won’t have a problem. Instead, earn coins and rewards for completing your missions and progressing through the game’s storyline.

#10 Tropicats Match 3

Adults, are you looking for the cutest, most endearing puzzle game on Android? The Tropicats 3 have arrived. This puzzle game is replete with cuteness, and it will keep you glued to your computer for hours on end. Playing this game on an Android device will be a blast for kids and adults alike.

Thanks to the wonderful soundtrack and stunning visuals, playing the game will be a pleasure. The best part of the game is that it is completely free. You can download it right away by logging into your Playstore account.

 As a result, these are the Android puzzle games that I think you’ll still enjoy playing in 2021 and beyond.

More trivia, updates, gaming tips, android lag fixes and hacks will be available on ComingGames in the near future. So let me know what you think of one of the puzzle games for adults on Android that I’ve listed above.


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