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The Dark Side of Metro 2-Door Solid Wood Mirror Wardrobe

The outside looks more modern, while the traditional solid wood used to finish the inside gives it a more traditional look. These parts make the best possible combination when they are put together. If you put a mirror on the door of this Metro closet and asked me if I wanted to rent it, I would have a hard time saying no. I would want to rent it no matter what. Do you need more space to keep your things? Once the shelves are attached to the unit, they can be put anywhere inside the unit, regardless of where they were originally placed. The shelves can be put in units two at a time at any point during the process. If you only want the shelves, you can buy them separately from the rest of the unit. Putting it together might be fun for the whole family because it is easy to do and because each piece, including the hardware, is numbered and stored in its compartment.

Have you recently bought some tempting clothes, only to find that your drawers and closets are already full, making it hard for you to find space for the new things you bought? If so, this could cause you trouble. If this is the case, it could be because you just got rid of some clutter at home. At this point in time, you don’t have to keep looking in any other direction for metro 2-door solid wood mirror wardrobe by palace imports.

This 100% Solid Wood Metro Wardrobe gives you a smart way to store ALL of your things, and since it comes in so many different colors, it will quickly become a stylish addition to any home. A wardrobe is a way to store things that can be bought in different sizes so that they can be made to fit the needs and preferences of each user. The kind of white considered “ultramodern” is the white that people on our end of the spectrum tend to like a lot.


  • To the left of the main entrance is a door with a framed mirror inside. This door can be reached from the main entrance’s left side.
  • The door has a raised panel on the right side of the opening, which is also the right side of the door.
  • One of three hidden, adjustable metal Euro hinges holds each door in place. This makes sure the door is always facing the right way. These hinges are made for doors that are only found in European homes.
  • This purchase comes with two garment poles. Each pole has its metal support, and all these parts are wrapped separately in the box.
  • Felt floor protectors protect the top layer of the floor from scratches and wear and tear. They also keep the top layer of the floor from getting worn down.
  • Comes in two different boxes, each of which has the product’s parts already separated and ready to use. However, the product must be put together before it can be used.

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