The Most Underrated Pipe Cutting Machine Products You Need to Know

Pipe and tube cutting is a big part of making plastic and sheet metal. Often used to make refrigerant tubing, join flow-transmission tubes, and do other similar things. But because there are so many different kinds of pipe and tube materials, you may need to use tools made just for cutting pipe and tube. You need to use various tools and methods to cut pipes and tubes. In this article, we’ll look at a few common ways to cut pipes and tubes and a few common tools for cutting pipes and tubes. Metal and plastic pipes and tubes can be cut in many different ways.

Abrasive Cutting:

Metal pipes and tubes should be cut with an abrasive method. An abrasive saw is used to make the cuts with the abrasive pipe cutting machine. The metal tube or pipe is cut with the help of the shear and friction forces made by the rotary abrasive saw.

Band Saw Cutting:

In the electronic cutting method called “band saw,” the tool is made up of a long, toothed band blade. When the seamless band blade is moved in a vertical or horizontal direction on two mounting wheels, the teeth rub against the pipe materials.

Cold Saw Cutting:

When you cut with a cold saw, the saw itself turns. Most cold saws stay still, with only the blade moving. When the pipe or tube material touches the blade of the cutting saw directly, the pipe or tube is cut. With this kind of cutting, pipes and tubes can only be cut in a straight line. This method is used because it doesn’t leave hot spots outside the tube or pipe.

Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting is a very effective way to cut pipes and tubes. If CNC equipment is available, this method should be done with it. A laser beam can cut through the wall of a plastic or metal tube or pipe. When the laser beam hits the outside of a pipe or tube, it heats up enough to make a clean cut and cut it to the right size. This method is for you if you need to cut an angle, a shape, or even go through a pipe.


When a tube or pipe is cut with two plates and ID punches and only the shear force, this is called “shearing.” The tube is sheared between ID punches and plates to make cuts.

Lathe Cutting:

Cutting is one of the most useful things you can do with a lathe. A single-pointed cutting tool is held in the spindle of a lathe. The tube or pipe is cut when the cutting tip of the spindle touches the material of the tube or pipe and continues to spin. This method can be used for both cutting grooves and cutting through. Now that we’ve discussed all the ways to cut pipes and tubes, we can give you some tips on choosing the right tools.

  1. First, make sure that the blade is facing the right way.
  2. You must consider how the material reacts to friction and heat to cut something well.
  3. Third, workers should wear safety gear like gloves and helmets to avoid getting hurt.

Please make sure the tools you use to cut pipes are well-oiled before you use them to cut thicker pipes with less heat. Now that we’ve discussed all the different ways to cut pipes and tubes, it’s important to remember that the quality of the cutting tool matters for production. Tools for cutting pipes and tubes should be bought from a reputable company like Woodward Fab. This supplier has a wide range of tools for making things out of metal, such as saws, tube and pipe benders, and other tools.

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