A lot of marketers aren't aware of the potential of hashtags on Instagram. They don't even realize the potential of stories on Instagram.

A lot of marketers aren’t aware of the potential of hashtags on Instagram. They don’t even realize the potential of stories on Instagram. When you combine the two and you’ve got an undiscovered weapon to boost organic growth and greatly increased engagement. It’s a simple method. Just use the hashtag and enter (#) and then put your topic of preference, and then into stories where you can connect with a new audience fast and quickly. In search of fast social success, I randomly searched the best site to buy Instagram followers Australia on Google, and InstaBoost Appears on the top. And this was really the best.


Each time you publish an Instagram story, make sure you include a generic hashtag it. Make it as broad as possible. It is important to lay it on top of the video or post. Then, all you have to do is observe the views (and the ones that follow) as they come into. Below, I’ve provided step-by-step directions!

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1.  Research hashtags


The first step is to find the appropriate hashtag to make use of. It is important to find hashtags that are compatible with your narrative and has an extensive search volume. For example, #fitness is likely to perform better than #fitnesstips. In contrast to regular posts, you’ll want more encompassinghashtags for your stories.

To assist you in finding the tags that are popular to help you find the tags with high volume, use to search for them, use the “hashtag” feature in search.

2. Create Your Story


The next step is to ensure that the content you share is entertaining. The amount of time you spend in your story can determine how popular your content is, and thus the amount of people it will be able to reach via your chosen hashtag.


Photos are great, but captivating video clips work well. They also increase time spent on the page. There’s no need for to have ten of them. A couple a day is enough to keep them engaged, without forcing them to “swipe away”.

3. Put your favorite hashtags in your stories


Keep in mind that it could be a video or a photograph. Make sure that it’s interesting! It’s possible to set the hashtag however you’d like as you want, as long as it’s in place. It can be placed over the image, hidden at lower left of image or even as a “sticker”. There are several examples of how to use Stories on Instagram in the photos below.

4. Click “Your Story”


When you’ve got an engaging content and hashtag, be sure to click “Your Story” in the lower left-hand corner.

5. Watch to see the number of views


The photo below illustrates an example of a hashtag and story. You can clearly see that #fishing provided me with 139 views as of the time. They were generated by my Instagram Stories “hashtag story”. These are people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting before.

I’ve received over 500 views of the hashtag story. They weren’t have a follower on my page… And they morphed into my followers.

What a great idea!

6. Adjust as Necessary


If you’re not creating additional traffic or followers through your stories, then you must look at altering two things:

You’re Content


If your content isn’t engaging, and people don’t take the time to read it, it will not appear in the hashtag story. Make sure you improve your content.

Your Hashtag (#)


If you are using hashtags that are too specific, there will be no viewers. Keep it general. For instance, I prefer to employ “fishing” instead of “fishingtips”. The former will attract more viewers as opposed to the other.

I also suggest you go through:


Instagram stories are a great way to get your “trickle effect” of followers. With the correct hashtag, you can be your story in front of a brand new audience which could turn to more fans. The only thing you have to do is:

  • Post engaging content
  • Find volume hashtags
  • Post continuously

When you follow this method consistently, you’ll improve not only the engagement of your story and number of followers!


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