New and recommended things to do in UAE

Things to do in UAE

United Arab Emirates is attracting the whole world with its fancy malls, tallest buildings, luxury hotels, as well as its impressive coastline. It’s part of almost every traveler’s bucket list. It’s a man-made island, sky-touching buildings, museums, and mosques attract people to come here. As the new year starts, we have set our goals for 2022 to make it one of the best years. It can be challenging for you to visit all the attractions and places of UAE as the counting is infinite and there is a plethora of attractions and things to do in UAE.

UAE has enriched with history and culture making it one of the best reasons to visit for the travelers. Here we have compiled some of the new and most recommended things to do in UAE. Keep in consideration, our list is significantly based on current happening as well as activities that you can enjoy all year round in UAE.

Never miss the real grandeur of Dubai

Dubai- the city of gold, is significantly recognized by the world’s tallest buildings, largest mall and now the largest observation wheel called as Ain Dubai. The city is home to luxury hotels, as well as the only seven-start hotel in the world. If you are traveling to UAE, Dubai must be the main reason to visit as it offers the most attractive and incredible things to enjoy for all ages. Never miss the huge aquariums, architecture, ski slopes, and of course yacht rental Dubai.

Dubai allows you enjoy a delicious dinner at Dhow Cruise Dubai Maria with live music. You can also book an overnight safari tour for an amazing dinner camp, belly dance, hookah, shisha party, and henna with live barbecue. It’s fascinating to know that Dubai city offers the very first indoor ski slope in the middle east, a winter park, especially for the kids.

Find the best Arab world in Abu Dhabi

The capital of UAE- Abu Dhabi is the mainland on an island located in the Persian Gulf. It’s main focus on commerce as well as oil exportation is significantly reflected by the shopping malls, high towers, and yacht rental Abu Dhabi. If you are here, keep the Corniche road in consideration, spreading across 8km impressive waterfront. It comprises pedestrian pathways, kid’s play area, a beach, a separate cycle, cafes and restaurants as well.

If you are vising Abu Dhabi with your family, Marina Mall could be an ideal choice for both shopping and family outing. Traveling to UAE is all about discerning and you can make your trip remarkable and unforgettable for the longest time.

Largest Yoga Event of UAE

Things are getting peaceful once again. Just pull your pants on as the organizers of YogaFest Dubai are going to plan something big to meditate. Three-day event will be arranged for the workshops of meditation, yoga, and sound healing. Food stall and local merchants will also be there. You can get the ticket for a single day or for entire weekend.

Don’t miss the Ultra music festival

Here’s a good new for music lovers- Ultra music festival is finally going to make a debut soon. Keep in consideration, in march, 2020 the initial attempt in middle east took place but the pandemic collapse. The construction was almost completed. Now, the event is all set to 2022. However, it’s not confirmed if it’s going to take place in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Ultra-music festival UAE will cover pyro-loving EDM superstars.

Glamping in the Eco-pods

It is fascinating to know that Abu Dhabi and Al Jubail offers a new camping area for the visitors. It comes with wide range of eco-pods. The project was at peak last year but now it’s opened for reservations. Pura Eco Retreat allows the best and luxurious camping experience. However, it’s not affordable at all because the starting price is 1800 AED for a room with breakfast.

Choose Ras Al- Khaimah for dune bashing

In order to get true Arabian experience, Ras Al Khaimah- the northernmost emirate offers the best opportunity of it. From dune bashing on sand to Hajar mountains, you’ll get an amazing experience. You can also opt for ziplining. One of the significant reasons to visit Al Khaimah is, it boasts ancient and attractive archaeological sites to fascinate the travelers with it’s a rich culture. Delicious Arabic food will also fulfill your appetite as well.

The Museums of the future

An architecture wonder- the museum of the future was firstly opened in 2015. It’s one of the best places to visit in Dubai as the entire exterior comes with Arabic calligraphy. The museum looks hollowed down in the center with an eye-shaped structure. The museum significantly focuses on the latest science and innovative technology of the future. In order to add more fun, we are adding, Friday afternoons of UAE are reserved for govt. entities. It means that, most of the places supplant their breakfast on Saturday and roast on Sunday as well.

Dubai’s New Neighborhood

Dubai’s incredible seaside zone Harbor just out in the ocean, a never-to-miss spot for all. The best thing is, it’s only the largest marina but also the best cruise point. You can enjoy variety of shopping and dining options all year round. If you are a seafood lover, L’Amo Bistro Del Mare is the best place to enjoy your meal with a mesmerizing view.

Moreover, if you are willing to enjoy an American life without leaving Dubai, visit Portfolio hotel. A luxurious five start hotel with 451 rooms is operating for the families. Here you’ll adorn a European style from food to stay. The best thing of Portfolio hotel is, each room premises sea view.

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