Things To Know About Semi-Automatic Transmission

You might have some idea about automatic and manual transmission systems. Many people are unaware of other automatic transmissions. In case of the automatic transmission, you do not need to change the gear of your car. But, semi-automatic transmission is totally different than an automatic transmission. It was introduced in the 1930s and now you can find some cars equipped with advanced transmission systems.

The working:

1. The only difference is that you cannot find a clutch on the floor. Rest assured, car looks and features will be the same.

2. Such transmission systems are designed with electronic sensors and processors. This sensor will work as an alternative of the clutch pedal.

3. In the case of manual transmission, you need to use the clutch pedal frequently and it will burn the clutch plate very soon.

4. When you shift the gear, the sensors of the transmission system will send the signal to the clutch system. It will help you to change the gears without pressing your clutch pedal. Otherwise, you have to press the clutch pedal to change your gear.

5. Semi-automatic transmissions have a manual gearbox, which will help you to change the gears. You need to press your clutch pedal to change your gears and you can avoid this hassle by using this transmission. You do not need to press your clutch pedal and you can easily change the gears smoothly.

6. The design and structure of a semi-automatic and a manual transmission is almost same, and if you want to use computerized gear shifting control system then you must go for an automatic transmission system.

Advantages of semi-automatic transmission:

New drivers facing some difficulties while they can change the gears and they tend to forget to press the clutch pedal while they change the gears. In this case, you can use a semi-automatic transmission. You do not need to think about your clutch pedal, and you can use the break and accelerator to drive your car. You can change the gears smoothly and your transmission system will change press the clutch automatically, when you change the gears. Later on the drivers can switch to a manual car for the traditional experience.

Apart from that, you can save your car maintenance cost by installing a semi-automatic transmission. Clutch plate can wear out fast and you need to change the clutch press, especially when you have a tendency to drive your car by pressing the clutch pedal. The car needs more servicing because of the clutch plate. It will cost you a huge amount and you need to replace the clutch plate every year. You do not need to use your clutch pedal and it will keep your clutch plate safe.

What are the disadvantages of semi-automatic transmission?

Semi-automatic transmissions are expensive than manual transmissions, and you need to pay higher for a car designed with a semi-automatic transmission. This transmission system can give you more flexibility and you do not need to go through the hassles of changing clutch pedal. So, you have to pay more for your convenience.

Apart from that, you need to pay a huge amount for repairing a transmission. In the case of manual transmission, you can find many mechanics in your nearby area, and you can hire them to repair your transmission system. But you need to hire a specialized mechanic for your semi-automatic transmission. It will cost you a huge amount and increase your car maintenance cost.

Hence based on the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages you can select the car you want to buy. Manual cars are now outdated and people prefer user other comfortable variants. So, book your car today!

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