Top 6 Products That You Must Have In Your Makeup Kit

Aren’t we all used to creating our very own essentials that we can carry everything and anytime we wanna step out? Obviously, we are talking about the makeup kit. But having a makeup kit is not about having just any other product you see or like, it’s about having the essentials. 

Here’s a list of six makeup essentials that you must have in your makeup kit

  • Lipstick palette 

You’ll want to go with a colour scheme that includes a lot of reds, corals, pinks, and neutrals while you create your makeup kit. It is recommended to use a combination of matte and sheer hues. A palette also allows you to simply combine numerous different hues to get the right tone for your customer. If you have a favourite lipstick brand that doesn’t come in a palette, consider investing in a Vueset palette. Friends also suggest keeping a clear gloss in your kit for a little sparkle, as well as a men’s lip balm. (You never know when something like this will come in helpful!)

  • Contour 

You should get a palette with a variety of colours. You’ll need at least three matte brown hues for contouring: one for light complexion, one for medium skin, and one for dark skin. Frends Beauty advises two neutral/warm toned matte highlight alternatives, one light/medium and one medium/dark, as well as one shimmer highlight. Depending on your preferences, these contouring/highlight palettes can be powders or creams!

  • Foundation 

A must-have in your makeup kit is a foundation, the one that goes with your complexion. Cream foundation and concealer palettes are the most common. This is a full-coverage makeup that is ideal for film, editorial, and special occasions. If you like to use liquid foundation on your customers, begin with at least three tones (one neutral toned ivory, one medium warm toned tan, and one warm toned ultra deep shade.) This will allow you to combine these to produce a fit for your clientele. Warm and ruddy skin tones are the two types of skin tones. Warm complexions have a yellow undertone, whereas ruddy complexions have a pink undertone. Because most individuals have a warm complexion, avoid too many reddish tones when looking for your first kit.

  • Brow palette 

Your colour palette should include light taupe, deep brown, and maybe black. You can collect a few various tones in pencils, creams, and/or a powder palette. It’s critical to have a few different brow colours on hand to exactly match your client’s thin brows, and different types of products allow for diverse brow appearances.

  • Eyeliner

If you don’t have eyeliner, your cosmetic kit is incomplete. Unquestionably necessary! It doesn’t matter if you use liquid, gel, a pencil, or cake liners. Determine the medium you are most comfortable with and ensure that you have at least one black and one brown. If you’re having a fun shoot, you may add a pop of colour!

  • Setting powder

Setting powder is necessary for completing any look and is super essential in a makeup kit. The foundation will be sticky, and if you use powder blushes, highlights, or contour, you must set the foundation first, otherwise, the powders will adhere to your face and not blend. We like loose powder and a powder puff to set our customers’ faces because you can get a lot of product out and onto the face, which is important for setting thick cream foundations. If you like, you can use pressed powder and a brush. Also, make certain that you are using Setting Powder rather than Finishing Powder. Setting Powder is used to set the foundation and keep the skin from becoming sticky after applying it. Finishing Powder is used to complete makeup that has been set with setting powder, blushed, and contoured.

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