Top 7 Funniest Moments In Cricket History

Despite its cut-throat competitive nature, cricket has its fair share of laugh-out-loud moments that have the audiences rolling with laughter. Just like any other sport, people watch cricket to be entertained. And players are human too, and they also need fun and entertainment to give their best during the matches. These moments help lighten up the usual serious mood of the game.

Over the years, the sport has witnessed plenty of hilarious moments on the lens. The list below mentions the top seven funniest moments in the history of cricket. Keep scrolling to get more such stories, updates, and India national cricket team latest news.

  • Javed Miandad Brain Fade After Winning The Toss

The right-handed batting legend from Pakistan has been a controversial figure throughout his cricketing journey. His roughness on the field and heated conversations with opposing teams are always to watch. Not only a great player, but Miandad has also played the role of captainship for his team in 34 test matches and 62 One Day Internationals.

Despite losing his cool several times on the ground, Miandad has been an entertaining character off-field and is known for his simple light-hearted nature. One such funny moment of him resurfaced on the internet after the video was shared by the former Indian cricketer Wasim Jaffer on Twitter. The old clip took the internet by storm and quickly became viral. Miandad told the coin toss referee that he will “go inside” and let him know his decision after winning the toss. The reply was hilarious, and the public went crazy over the 13-second-long video. But Miandad is not to be blamed, as there are different factors involved in deciding whether to bat and bowl first, and the cricketer probably wanted to consider his team’s opinion.

  • Lou Vincent Caught With His Pants Down

Lou Vincent had to go through an embarrassing moment during the 2006 ODI between New Zealand and West Indies in Auckland. The New Zealand skipper was caught with his trousers while he was trying to stop a boundary. He was successful in saving a boundary for his team and pulled his pants after throwing it to the wicketkeeper. The incident made the crowd go ROFL. Vincent, however, remained unaffected by the incident and took it sportingly.

Despite giving a tough fight by the New Zealand players, West Indies won the match by a close call of three wickets.

  • Dilshan Learns About The Law Of Gravity

During the 2008 Asia Cup, the Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan had a funny moment with the law of gravity. During the ninth match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Dilshan tried to attempt a mid-wicket to Nuwan Kulasekara when Mohammad Ashraful was on strike. He threw and ball in the air, thinking he knocked off one wicket, and while he was busy appealing to the umpire, the ball landed back on his head, earning him an embarrassing moment. Dilshan was later denied for the appeal, and his overthrow also cost his team an extra run. Thankfully, the ball did not do any serious injury to the player, but the incident is still remembered as one of the funniest in cricket history. Sri Lanka eventually won the match by 153 runs.

  • Dwayne Smith’s Missed Run-Out In IPL

Indian Premier League is undoubtedly one of the most intense cricket leagues in the world. Despite the cut-throat competition, the tournament witnesses its fair share of hilarious instances every year. One such incident happened during the third edition of IPL in 2010. The two biggest competitors, Mumbai Indians (Deccan Chargers) and Chennai Super Kings, were on the field against each other. Mumbai Indians’ Dwayne Smith ran for a quick score after playing a shot. Raina from Chennai Super Kings fielded the ball and threw it to the spinner Shadab Jakati, who missed the ball not once but twice. Safe to say that luck was on Smith’s side that day, as the Barbadian cricketer made it to the pitch without costing any wickets for his team.

  • Billy Bowden’s Red Card To Glenn McGrath

Yellow or red cards are not very popular in cricket, unlike football. The sport saw its first flashing red card in a T20 International match between Australia and New Zealand in 2005, when Billy Bowden, in classic Bowden’s fashion, showed a red card to the former Australian player Glenn McGrath for an underarm delivery. The moment was pretty light-hearted, and Bowden’s act was just to show disapproval for McGrath’s illegal bowling delivery, but it made for a hilarious moment for commenters and the audience.

  • Ajit Agarkar’s Celebration After Scoring A Single Run

The former Indian cricket, Ajit Bhalchandra Agarkar, was known for his fiery bowling deliveries in the mid-2000s. With over 280 wickets under his belt, Agarkar was nicknamed the “One-Day specialist”, and was undoubtedly among the leading wicket-takers of the game. Despite holding the record for scoring the fastest fifty in ODI, Agarkar had a bit of bad luck with his bat against Australia. He had a long streak of ducks, as many as seven consecutive ducks against Aussies between the period of 1999 and 2000. So, when the cricketer scored a single run in his 8th  innings against Australia, he held his bat up proudly as if he made a century. He gave a hilarious moment to the audience.

  • Hasan Ali’s Injury After His Bomb Celebration

The medium-fast bowler from Pakistan, in addition to his fast and furious bowling deliveries, is popular for his iconic bomb celebration after scraping a wicket. During the second match in the 2018 ODI series against Zimbabwe, Ali after picking up the wicket of Ryan Murray with his impressive pace, broke into his usual celebratory move and pulled his neck muscles. The injury was not too intense, but it did cause Ali’s withdrawal from the next two matches of the series. Everyone from the teammates, commenters, and audience was giggling, and the incident is still remembered as one of the most hilarious in cricket history.

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