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Top Local SEO trends for 2022

With the years passing and technology evolving so swiftly, search engine optimization is also witnessing shifts. That makes it necessary for the website owners and SEO professionals to keep themselves updated with those. If you are one of them, you must be looking for updates, new trends in the market, and for that, you have reached the right place! In this article, we will take you to the leading Local SEO trends in the year 2022. 

Are you wondering why local SEO? That is because the secret of becoming an acknowledged brand begins with a local business. Before we can go ahead with it, let us take a closer look at local SEO.

What local SEO is all about?

The easiest way to understand the meaning of local SEO is to split the terms. With that, local SEO refers to the set of SEO strategies that strive to make way for a local business to attain visibility in the top results of a search engine. Any business with a physical location or one that targets the audience from a geographic area can avail of it. 

Well, local SEO is what you need to make the businesses stand. It also makes way for the website traffic and filters the audience. That is because almost every potential customer uses a search engine to look for information about any product and service. With the boosted SEO techniques, you can make your business the leading brand in the market. 

Now, let us move ahead!

Here we are to get into some technicalities with the local SEO trends for 2022. 

User Experience 

UX or User Experience revolves around creating products that can provide a relevant and meaningful experience to the user. For your SEO, the product will be your website. The benefits you can expect from it are traffic on your site, enhanced engagement, and most importantly, the rankings!

By the way, are you aware of Google’s E-AT idea? Simplifying it further, E stands for Expertise, A for Authoritativeness, and T for Trustworthiness. All in all, it is about providing your uses with a rich online experience. It makes UX or user experience an essential factor for your website to stand out from your competitors. 

Google My Business 


You all know Google My Business as the online business listing connected with the search giant Google. However, do you know that it has uplifted the local search greatly? That is because Google prioritizes sharing details it can authenticate. It makes it an aid for your organization to meet the requirements of Google. 

Well, that was Google’s perception, let us now come to its impact on users. Google My Business can benefit you with more user engagement through calls and clicks. It can allow you to call it one of the must-haves for your year 2022 local SEO trends. 

Zero Click

A zero click result in a search engine is the one that answers the query of the users without having them click on any results. They are of different types and can include featured snippets, definitions, map results, and many others. 

It is an achievement for any website coming on the top of search engine result pages. That is because Google has chosen that one content out of thousands of web pages. Any user would see it as the site with the relevant information. It increases the credibility of the business and also boosts the website sales. However, they do not lead to direct leads to a website, but they can raise your site’s referral traffic and visibility for your local business.

Responsive Website

A responsive website refers to the site that adjusts to any screen the website is opened in. A website must be responsive for several reasons. For local searches and other types too, the visits you can expect can come from mobile phones and tablets. 

As for 2022, we have the leading-edge gadgets ourselves. For your potential users, these are simplified ways to search for queries. Not just this, but Google favors the mobile responsive website, and that’s what can pave the way for you as well. Since 2015, mobile responsiveness is also counted among the ranking elements. 

Voice Search 

Voice search has already been looked upon for searches in 2021, but it can be a game-changer for your local business to attain local traffic in 2022. That is because, in the past years, voice searches have proven to be a reliable option. 

When preparing for it, you have to consider several points. It can include reorganizing material to read more with a question and answer approach. You can also include common questions with selected keywords to attain a higher rank. 

 Video Content 

In 2022, video content can be responsible for over 80% of website traffic. With this, you must add more video content to your site. From the user’s point of view, it is easier to watch and is convenient too. 

Here is an idea, why don’t you turn your old blog post into video content. This way, you can leverage old content and have the updated form of content. Remember, you also have to share your content through other social media platforms.

The Bottom Line 

Every business can boom with the right set of strategies. As for local businesses today, no business owner can ignore the importance of local SEO practices for that. As the year has advanced, you need to stay updated with the trending to-dos to avail of it. In this article, we discussed the top local SEO trends for 2022. 

Concluding it all, you have to keep up with the user interface and mobile-friendly websites. In addition to that, you have to target zero-click and Google My Business. At the same time, while considering the content, you must also include voice search and video content. That is because this is the content your reader prefers to consume. As Bill Gates said, you can never overlook the content for your local SEO. After all, it is the content that rules! 

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