Top Places In Goa To Visit In December

\Hola!!! Christmas is around the corner and in India, this is the perfect time to visit Goa when the state is flying in all colours. The tranquillizing weather also adds comfort to your visit. The only thing is you have to be quite habituated to the crowded beaches and places in goa. The Christmas and carnival vibe in this month attracts a lot of tourists in December. You should also come particularly in this month and experience the flamboyant culture of this state.


  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

On the morning of December month when nature is curled up in the green blanket. It’s a beautiful experience for bird lovers. This bird sanctuary is situated on the island of Chorao in the Mandovi river. Where many paved ways are beside the mangrove forests. To visit a sanctuary you have to take a ferry that is also very much an exciting thing to do. Drench yourself in this beauty of nature accompanied by chirping birds.


  • Turtle Nesting

The season basically starts from November to April so, you can little hatchlings moving near the beaches. Each one of them gives 100 eggs which took 40 to 50 days to incubate. It’s a nice experience to observe these innocent turtles moving around and obeying nature. The major sites to visit them at Morjim beach, Galigibag, and Agonda.


  • Dughsagar Falls

Situated on the Goa Karnataka border this huge milky way of water is brimming in its full strength in the month of December. This three-tire waterfall is really a treat for your eyes. You will get stunned by the mightiness of this gushing waterfall. It will wash away all your mundane chaos of life. In the month of December, the flow of water is quite settled but in abundance.  This is must visit places in goa.

  • Anjuna Beach

Another most lively beach on North Goa side. For those who love to do stargazing night parties, this place in goa one is for you. Get introduced yourself to the hippy culture in Goa and get the groove on the tunes of the latest tracks. For window shopping, many flea markets to explore. This beach is the perfect getaway for party animals as many options are available for nightclubs. 


  • Cida De Goa 

Many activities to do as an adventure lover in this huge Cida de Goa resort. The December weather actually a boon for watersports. The location of this resort is Vainguinim beach. Windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, and all-time favourite banana boat riding are the key attractions. This place offers a great deal if you book in advance. 

  1. Mandovi River Cruz

A Goa tour won’t be complete without a ride on Cruz. In the month of December, all Cruz is having many programs in the evening time. Take your favourite drink and just hit the dance floor. The glittering Cruze in the middle of the sea will give you a festive vibe. All local songs along with Bollywood songs are the main attraction here, also enjoy the Govan folk dance.


  1. Vagator Beach

This spick and span beach will surely give you a different vibe. Enjoy the white sand and relax on the beach. This beach have two parts, one is Big Vagator beach and the second is Ozran beach. Have a peaceful stay after a lot of party crowd around you.


  1. Casinos

Let come out of that gambling thing inside you in this place of casinos. Many casinos are there on boats and Cruz on the Mandovi river. Offers good packages like unlimited drinks and food. Don’t miss this opportunity to earn a little extra. Have grand experience in casinos.


As the new year and Christmas celebrations are its peak this place won’t disappoint you in any aspect. Be it a food or adventure or having a night party you can enjoy everything at one place. This place will bring out all the enthusiasm and excitement from you not giving you any single dull moment. Be the witness of the big Goa carnival in the month of December this is a must thing to experience in Goa. Also, many beautiful churches are here to explore the culture. 

This is the collection of places in goa for the holiday trip this new year.


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