Instant fixings for Total AV VPN not working

Total AV is your thing if you are looking for an option that is easy for you to install and to activate and then use for the purpose of the safety and security of your system.  Also, now that the cell phones and other things of people are also becoming more and more advanced with each passing day, therefore, it has now become even more essential for you to keep your device also well protected.Total AV is undoubtedly the best option for all of this, but one thing that you need to understand is that there are so many technologies that are there available with the workings of the software program, and to understand all of those, one should be from the right technical background. So users are often seen struggling with the in-built technologies associated with the workings of the Total AV antivirus.  There are chances that you may get stuck with the problem of TotalAV VPN not working or something else.

Total AV VPN not working

Yes, while using the software program there are so many issues and errors, which the users do get to face very often. The most common issue that the users do get to face very often is Total AV VPN not working. Yes, the issue comes up very often as a person uses the software program still please do not worry there are so many common fixes that you can try and see what puts your issue to resolution.

Internet connection status

In case of Total AV VPN not working, please first and foremost check the internet connection status.

In order to check that, please follow the steps given below

  • You should click on “start” and next you should move to “settings”
  • After this, please click on “Network & internet”
  • Next please move to “Advanced Network settings”
  • After this, please click on “Network troubleshooter”
  • In the next step please choose a network adaptor for the diagnose and then click on “next”
  • After this, check if any problems are there

If in case, none of the problems is identifiable then that means there is no problem with the internet connection and it is working with all the stability.

Internet speed test

After this, the next thing that you should do is run a speed test for the internet functioning, here further we will see how to do it.

In order to do this, please follow the steps given below
  • Open the speed test website
  • There on the website click on “go” and then you should rest
  • After this, please see if your downloading and uploading speeds are in proper sync

Connect with a different device-

Another fix that you should try in case of Total AV VPN not working, is that you should try connecting VPN on some other device.

Please follow the steps as given below-
  • Open the play store app on the device
  • Next, in the search box please enter Total AV
  • After this, click on the suggestion
  • Next, please click on “install”
  • Further, please run the Total AV application
  • After this, please run the Total AV app
  • Add the information for logging in to the account

If none of the above procedures is fixing your problem, then the issue can be related to the chosen VPN location. So, you should try using the virtual private network on some other location.

Check your security software version

Well, yes there are also chances that the Total AV antivirus software program is outdated, for resolutions to this please conduct an update on the software program.

Uninstall any old VPN

If there is any old VPN actively running on the system or the device then such VPN should be removed. Only after the removal of the old VPN, the new Total AV VPN will be able to work efficiently.  There is no way out through which you can make two VPNs work on your system or your device simultaneously.


So, these are all the fixes that you can try in case of Total AV VPN not working, for knowing more regarding all of this you should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts they are available at the service of the people all the time. You as an antivirus user can go to the experts for help whenever you feel like it.

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