tracey travis

Tracey Travis is a successful businesswoman who has made her mark in the corporate world. She is an example of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and a commitment to success. Her career began at the age of 25 when she started her own company, but it was her leadership in organizations such as PepsiCo and Estee Lauder that really put her on the map. Throughout her career, Tracey has been recognized for her accomplishments, receiving both national and international awards. tracey travis

Tracey Travis is a name that many of us recognize in the world of business, but few of us know the full story behind her success. Born in New York, she has grown to become one of America’s most successful female executives, earning her place as CFO at luxury fashion retailer Coach Inc. Throughout her career Tracey has been recognized for her tireless work ethic and impressive leadership skills. tracey travis

Tracey Travis is a celebrated businesswoman, philanthropist, and mother of four. She is a trailblazer in the corporate world, having achieved success as an executive at some of the most prestigious companies in the US. Her career has been one of hard work, dedication and tremendous ambition, inspiring countless individuals to reach for their dreams. Tracey Travis has received numerous awards throughout her career including being named one of Fortune Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Women in 2008.

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