Top 5 Trendy Ethnic Saree Color Combinations you Must Try. 

The beauty of an Indian Ethic saree lies in the effortless blend of color, pattern and textures. Every tint and decoration used in creating these saree contains a story behind it that shows the culture and craftsmanship of the artisans. Below, we will have a look at some top saree color combinations that are popular among every generation of women. These contrasting combinations of ethnic sarees will bring freshness to your outfit and are bound to brighten up any event. 

Yellow with Green 

The combination of yellow and green is soothing and undramatic. The fantastic colors are close to each other in the rainbow and color cycle. The worth of these colors lightens up when they merge with the outfit like a saree. Yellow is a cheerful color that depicts brightness and positivity. When paired with the tone of green, these colors showcase exquisite harmony and evoke of happiness. The amazing combination is the most sought choice during wedding season. 

yellow and green shibori saree

One of the classic choices is the modal silk shibori saree with zari pallu in green and yellow color. This amazing shibori saree showcases the handcrafted art of artisans at Kutch. Shibori is a century-old dyeing technique that has it evidence from Japan. It uses a three-dimensional folding, knotting and binding technique before applying dye on it. The fabric is then submerged in the plant-based natural dye, resulting in a variety of dimensional and abstract patterns. 

Black with Cream 

The other classic color combination that suits the saree most is the black and cream color combination. The cream is a subtle color that can easily pair up with the dark and light tint. You will find a variety of options that make you go flawless with cream color, but the one that makes you look distinct and eye-catching is the shade of black. A saree with a black and cream combination is ideal for wearing it at functions and parties. 

bandhani saree with cream and black colour

This Munga Silk Bandhani Saree has both combinations of black and cream, which complemented with the Ajrakh work on the pallu. The famous artisan Sajid Khatri completely handcrafts this amazing bandhani saree. Bandhani is one of the complex tie and dye techniques applied to the fabric. It is a procedure where the portion of the fabric is tied, which resists those areas when dyeing the material.

Red with the Shade of Blue 

Heavenly, iconic and eternal maroon with Blue is another timeless color combination to have in your wardrobe. Both the colors are symbols of auspiciousness, which you can easily worn in traditional events and festivals. The red color represents the sensuality and purity in our culture and the shade of blue represent determination and immortality. 

red and blue ajrakh saree

This amazing Handblock Printed Ajrakh Modal Saree with Tissue Pallu cannot miss. The Ajrakh saree made under the guidance of the Sufiyan Khatri, and he is a specialized Ajrakh print saree artist who has been doing it for ages. Ajrakh is a hand block printing technique where a wooden block created asymmetrical designs and prints.

Pink with Purple 

The other striking combination that you do not want to miss out in the wardrobe is lotus pink with purple. The lotus color resembles the symbol of purity which goes perfectly blended by the different shades of purple. Over to the purple, it represents bravery and royalness. A saree with a combination of pink and purple pastel shade is ideal for wearing day functions. 

pink with purple batik saree

The famous Natural Dyed Handblock Printed Batik Linen Saree has everything you might be looking for. The saree is totally handmade by the Shakil Khatri. The colors used in preparing this batik saree obtained naturally. Talking about the batik is a wax resisting dye technique used to form complicated designs on fabric.

Maroon with Gold 

Maroon and gold both come in the category of rich and regal colors. . It color represent beauty and passion. It is said to be a warm color that summons up relaxation and beauty. The gold color represent extravagance, wealth and richness. It shares several attributes to the yellow color. The color depicts a bright and cheerful attitude. 

maroon with gold bandhani saree

The popular bandhani banarasi dupion silk saree is handmade in Kutch by Amin Khatri’s artisans. You will find fine bandhani work which is done on the banarasi silk saree. The saree is looking beautiful, and you can easily wear this at the wedding to flaunt your outfit look.  


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