Types of Window Blinds

Choosing window blinds for your home can be confusing. With different types available in the market, choosing from so many styles can get exhausting. But, do not worry! We have broken down information into tiny pieces for you to understand different kinds of blinds. You can go through this blog and decide which window blind would best suit windows at your place.

Venetian Blinds:

Venetian blinds can be made from three different types of materials. Aluminum, faux wood, or natural wood. We can also call them aluminum blinds or wooden blinds to keep things clear. There is a headrail at the top of Venetian blinds where the control mechanism is installed. Venetian blinds are a better option than window shutters and are strikingly attractive. They offer unmatched control over the light entering your room from different sources. However, the blinds cannot be used as blackout blinds. They do not block the light entirely. A little light still manages to enter the room when Venetian blinds are drawn.

Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are made of fabric, and it depends on you whether you choose one or two rollers for your blinds. A voile layer is added when the roller blinds are double to prevent the glare of the sun when it is too bright. For night times, it is paired with a blackout layer. There is also another kind of roller blinds present: zebra blinds or duo blinds. Roller blinds can be one of the most versatile choices for window blinds. They come in different fabrics, colors, patterns, and light filtration. PVC is the most versatile fabric. It naturally repels the flame. It is waterproof and easy to wipe.

Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds are comparatively made with a thick fabric than roller blinds. There are roads sewn into them to make even folds. The blinds will start unfolding neatly from the top of the window as their cord is pulled. These blinds do not wrap around the roller and are available in various fabrics and textures in the market. This allows you to choose any design for your blinds and style them in your way. They also come with numerous linings such as blackout or thermal to choose from. They are a great choice during the cold season as you can introduce energy-efficient options like roman blinds with thermal linings. It can not only keep your house warm but also add to its aesthetics.

Pleated Blinds:

 Pleated blinds are also made of fabric, but it’s the kind of fabric that can be opened and closed. A pleated blind can be made of a single material, but honeycomb and cellular patterns are also available to choose from. Pleated blinds can be attached to the windows without any drilling and screws. They use a tab to open instead of a cord. Cords can cause harm to young children.

Therefore, tabs are a better option for pleated blinds. They are perfect for large-sized windows and or doors.For more information contect us. visit our website.


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