Watersports in Turkey

Watersports in Turkey


Turkey offers luxurious coastal towns for watersports or other water sports. Which can also prove to be the main option for a great trip. Where you can spend quality time with your family and cherish your memories.


This option during summer vacation is related to watersports in Turkey. It can be made even better if, along with the seashore, you can also get a delicious experience of unconventional food here. Where it also gives a chance to sunbathe along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


Which increases the fun of watersports in Turkey manifold.

Not only in Turkey, here has the spectacular view of the sea’s turquoise water attracted us. Rather, Turkish Watersports makes it even better by providing the option to visit with your family or couple at any time.


Apart from this, there are great adventures to be had, from parasailing and canoeing to rafting tours, where we can feel better while coming here.

Today, through this article, we will discuss things related to watersports in Turkey, which can increase the fun of our trip manifold. You can as well do more by checking out our Turkey honeymoon tour.


Rafting on White Water


Watersports in Turkey offer a better experience than in many other countries. Where rafting provides a better experience for visitors coming here. Which also provides a great sports experience. Where the fun of rafting between the rivers adds to this passion.


Where going among the waves of the river provides the most special experience in the world. Apart from this, there is also a chance to see the beauty of nature through the games of rivers. Where you can enjoy Turkish watersports with your family.


The best rivers for rafting in Turkey are mainly Manavat in Antalya, Firtina in rising, and Koruh River in Artvin, where watersports can be enjoyed to the fullest. Where you can go anywhere and anytime.

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Fasten Your Seatbelts for a Windsurfing Adventure


As an alternative to watersports in Turkey, windsurfing is one of the most enjoyable things that can only be had. Which provides a better experience of adventure and famous water sports for the visitors coming here.


Which not only provides the experience of surfing but also gives the experience of Turkish watersports like sailing to the visitors here.


The surfboard is the world’s most entertaining sport that operates in water with the help of air. Which plays a major role in keeping the memories alive for a lifetime.


The best places for watersports in Turkey are places like Ajen Shores (Akyaka, Alakati Beach, Foka, Pirlanta Beach), Antalya, and the Marmara Coast (Goksida, Gulf of Saros, Gumsudere Beach, Mimarsinan, Tuzla), which attract visitors in the summer season. Along with providing better facilities to the people here.

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Sea Kayaking is a great way to see the Rocky Coastline


The best of watersports in Turkey is enjoyed by the water sport of sea kayaking, which gives a rich sporting experience to the visitors who come here. Where the water on the seashore gives a lot of experience of this sport with the waves.


The most important thing to keep in mind here is that during this sea kayaking, a life jacket must be worn so that any accident can be avoided. The best places for sea kayaking here are Kekova Island, Kas, and Antalya, where you can go for this Turkish sport anytime.

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To Get the Most out of Scuba Diving, Take a Deep Breath


The best watersports in Turkey can’t be better than scuba diving, which is an adventure and a popular sport with lots of fun too. Which gives the world’s most special place for adrenaline junkies. Where this sport can be fully enjoyed between April and November.



The best places for scuba diving in Turkey are places like Antalya, Kemer, Kas, Mersin, Side, Datka, Bodrum, Ayvalik, and the Gulf of Saros, which captivate the visitors who come here.

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Crystal Clear Seas via Canoeing



Along with watersports, visitors to Turkey get to see nature and enjoy the river, seashore, and sand. Which also gives a better experience than any other place in the world. Canning is one of the most popular water sports in Turkey.


At the same time, this Turkish watersports gives a lot of opportunities to boat here and enjoy this recreational activity.


Where both physical and mental exercise is available to the player through this game. The best places for canoeing in Turkey are Fethiye, Kaas, Kalkan, Gocek, Dalaman, Kusadasi. Where ever you can enjoy this game with the family.

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Seeing the turquoise waters of the sea here during the game in Turkey mesmerizes the visitors coming here. Where kite flying is enjoyed to the fullest with the wind blowing in the sea.


For which the best times for kite flying would be mid-April and mid-October. Kite-flying is available in Turkey at Gokova Bay, Akyaka, Alakati, and Gokseda Island. Gives the full fun of watersports with the family.

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In Turkey, you can go sailing


Turkey is mainly surrounded by the sea on three sides, so it offers the best watersports experience in the whole world to its visitors. Where you not only get the experience of turquoise water but also see crystal clear water, It also enjoys better boating, which is one of the best places to go with family.


The best places for sailing are places like Cesme, Izmir, and Antalya. Where you can go for travel throughout the year.

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Aqualand’s Water Rides


Aqualand is one of the most exclusive and thrilling places in Turkey for all age groups to enjoy. Where you can enjoy the slides and pool bar with your whole family. At the same time, this place also provides better opportunities for theme parks.


Along with this, there is also a complete arrangement for eating the most delicious food during this journey, which does not even allow you to feel tired during the journey. This prime location provides an opportunity to provide better enjoyment to all from April to October.

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