What is Features and Benefits of new credit card

Most people want to know about the different features and benefits of using a new credit card. People should be aware of the benefits they will enjoy when they get a credit card.

Before you think about the features and benefits, you should know how to get a credit cardThere are certain procedures that people need to follow to get a new credit card. Once they follow those norms, apply for a credit card, and get approved, they can enjoy various benefits. 

Nowadays, most people love to get their transactions done cashless or through online payments. This is when the credit card comes in handy. Bajaj Finserv provides customers with a credit card that they can use and enjoy amazing benefits. With the aid of a credit card, people can borrow money for a certain purchase even when they do not have the money. 

When you buy an item using a credit card, the amount is not deducted from your bank account. But it acts as a pre-loan, and by the end of each billing cycle, the person needs to pay back the amount. Apart from that, people can also enjoy various advantages when using a new credit card.

Features of credit card

There are different features that credit card companies offer to their new customers when they apply for them. Let’s have a look at some of those features.

  • EMI payments

Most of the time, when people want to make a huge purchase, they think twice about paying the money at one time. But with the help of a credit card, people can opt for EMI options where they pay off the money with the help of regular periodic payments.

  • Easy approval

Anyone can get a credit card nowadays. Make sure to go through the various eligibility criteria. If you fulfill them, then you will get easy approval for the card.

  • Customized card limits

Nowadays, many banks offer their customers the option to customize their card limits. If you have a good credit history, then the chances of your card limit getting higher increase.

  • ATM cash withdrawal

Sometimes even though you have a credit card, people need to make the payment with cash. For this reason, various banks have started to provide customers with the option to withdraw cash with the help of a credit card. For this transaction, the bank can charge a certain transaction fee from the customers.

Benefits of credit card

  • Make a huge purchase on credit.

One of the primary reasons everyone loves to use a credit card is because it offers the customers the option to buy now and pay later. With the help of a credit card, an individual can make a huge purchase without having to worry about arranging the money. Some banks also provide the option to the customers for No Cost EMIs where the individual can pay back the amount of the purchase every month without the need to pay extra money.

  • Do not have to carry cash

Many times people do not enjoy carrying cash around when they go out. Even people often have faced the issue of not having enough cash with them when purchasing an item. With the assistance of a credit card, people can easily make a purchase without the need for liquid cash.

  • Accepted mode of payment worldwide

Another great benefit of using a credit card is that the individual can go to any place on earth and use it. This form of payment is accepted by people worldwide, making it more convenient for users.

  • Emergency payments

Most of the time, people use a credit card when they need money immediately. For example, when someone is in a medical emergency, they can use their credit card to pay for treatment and medicine even if they don’t have the cash in hand.


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