What is Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the practice of optimising content to be discovered and ranked in search engine queries. SEO’s job is to increase your visibility and help you be a well-known brand in your industry and market.

SEO is the opposite of SEA (Search Engine Advertising). When you’re implementing SEA, you’re paying for your content to be shown, as an ad, at the top of a search query. When you’re implementing SEO optimisation, your goal is to rank high in the search engine results organically. There are a lots of SEO Services Delhi companies which provide you seo services.
The critical aspects of good search engine optimisation are: producing high-quality content, content optimisation, keyword research, and finally, building backlinks. And the most significant element these aspects can help you achieve is increased traffic to your website at no cost; free traffic.

Meaning of Search Engine Optimization

To simplify the meaning of SEO, let’s use a metaphor. Imagine the local library that you go to when you’re searching for books. Imagine that the library is ten times more enormous and can hold millions of books.

On this day, you’re at the library to find books on how to start a business. You go to the most relevant aisle and start your search among millions of books.

A search engine is similar to a library. The difference is that you don’t have to do the work. You don’t have to search for a specific book on your topic in the enormous library, and you don’t have to decide which books are the best on the subject.

The search engine will do all the work for you. You type in your query in the search engine, and it will give you its top and most relevant results, almost like someone handing you five of the best books that are most relevant to your search.

Benefits of search engine optimization

Search engine optimisation has many benefits everything from increasing visitors on your website to improving your gross ads.

SEO is essential for marketing. Think of all the times you’re at home or on the bus, and you’ve searched for something on a search engine. Most of the time, we click on one of the top three ranked pages and browse the website for a few minutes before getting/purchasing what we were looking to buy.

Organic traffic

All the traffic you can gain from SEO is free of charge. You don’t have to pay a dime, all you need to do is work on content optimisation, and the rest will follow.

Quality traffic

What’s more, you will increase your traffic with quality traffic. You are not interrupting people with your content or bothering them. They are the ones looking for your content and the information you have to offer.

SEO ranking

The goal of search engine optimisation is to rank high in search engine queries. Once you’ve managed to be one of the top-ranked pages, your traffic will stay consistent.


SEO enables you to reach audiences worldwide that you could not do before SEO. If you have an international website and you rank high on a search engine, the options are limitless, and so is your audience.

Your SEO page will get more ranks than if you had a pay-per-click
Studies have shown that the top-ranked organic results get more clicks than a pay-per-click. The reason might be because people want organic results and not a page that has paid to be at the top. Perhaps people trust Google’s calculation on what’s the most valuable content to spend time on.

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