Where Should You Go for Quality Vacations Shimla or Manali?

Shimla and Manali are often tourist destinations like one come along with the other in the package itself. But have you ever wondered if you have to choose the one between Shimla and Manali, which would it be? So, let us compare Shimla vs. Manali and see which of both wins for the best quality Vacations or should continue with the best Shimla Manali tour packages.

Beginning the comparison, remember that the final choice will depend upon one’s preferences and tourism experience.

Location: Shimla vs Manali


Shimla was once the summer capital in the British era and is the state capital now. It is located in a northwestern region with an altitude of 2205 m. The most closed city to Shimla is Chandigarh, which is just 115 km away, whereas Delhi is 365km.


Manali is almost 250 km away from Shimla and situated at the northern end of Kullu valley at an altitude of 1950 meters.

Shimla vs Manali Climate

Since both places are hill stations, the climatic condition and temperature here are quite pleasant and cool all the time. The weather here remains cool during summer and extremely cool during winter. Both the hill stations receive snowfall in December and January months.


climate in shimla

The average temperature that you will experience in Shimla lies between -4 to 31 degrees throughout the year.


Climate in manali

The average temperature at Manali remains 14 to 20 degrees during summer and -7 to 10 during winters.


The Shimla was named after the Hindu Goddess Shyamla Devi, whereas Manali got the name from the sage Manu, who lived there.

Accessibility- Shimla vs Manali


You can reach Shimla very quickly since it has good roadways connected to major cities such as Delhi. You can find a direct bus from Delhi to Shimla, either a private one or one run by the government. Due to the bad geographical situation, Shimla is not well connected to railways. But still, Kalka mail is the only train to reach here.


There is a great range of vehicles to reach Manali. You can even book a cab, but the best option will be to go by bus, which is also cost-effective. Also, a direct bus from Delhi to Manali can be the best option for budget travelers.

Accommodations- Shimla vs Manali


Since Shimla is the capital of the state and a very famous hill station, there is a great accommodation facility available in Shimla. You will find a range of hotels from low to high profile. You must consider making bookings as per your standard since the booking cost climbs up during tourism season.


Although the options are less in Manali than in Shimla, you will still find many hotels within your budget. The staying options include homestays, guest houses, luxury hotels, and budget hotels.

Attractions- Shimla vs Manali


attractions in shimla

In Shimla majority of the tourist attraction places are located close to each other. among these, all the significant areas include Tara Devi Temple, Jakhoo Hills, Kali Bari Temple, Kurthar Fort, Vecregal Lodge, Annandale, etc.

Mall Road and Ridge are the major attraction of the city. The Mall Road is the major place for shopping in Shimla. Here you can discover several stalls of clothes and handicrafts. You can also explore the eateries, hotels, and restaurants in the lane to taste the delicacies. The Mall Road also features a famous point where the Scandal Point and The Ridge meet.

Christ Church is one of the oldest churches built in Shimla, situated on The Ridge, and features beautiful architecture.

Jakhu Hills is the highest point in Shimla that offers a fantastic sightseeing point of the Himalayas. You can also witness the huge Hanuman Statue at the top of Jakhu hill.

State Museum is another major place to explore the ancient paintings, jewelry textiles of Shimla. This place has preserved the culture of Shimla.

Next on the list is Summer Hills which is 5 km from the Ridge and a famous place for sightseeing. The other two major things one can find here are the Shimla Kalka Railway and the Himachal Pradesh University.

Apart from these beautiful places, the major destinations include Kufri, Sankat Mochan, Junga, Mashobra, Naldehra, etc.


Attractions in manali

The major religious places in Manali include Hadimba Devi and the Vashist Temple. The other sacred places include Basheshwar Mahadev Temple and the Bijli Mahadev Temple, far from the city.

Manali is a suitable place for natural beauty and witnesses the snow-covered mountains. It has more options for winter sports activities than in the tourist attraction. The major sports included skiing, paragliding, rafting, trekking, mountaineering, etc. Manali is also the most opted destination by honeymoon couples.

Naggar Fort is made out of rocks, has wooden carvings, and is a masterpiece example of artwork.

Hadimba Devi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hadimba, who was the wife of Bhima.

Manikaran and the Rahla Waterfall are the other major natural place in Manali. Rahla Waterfall is situated at the foothills of Rohtang Pass, whereas the Manikaran is a holy place with hot water springs.

Rohtang Pass and the Solang valley are the two important passes to enjoy winter sports and snowfall.


Therefore, your destination for a quality vacation depends on what kind of experience you want. Both Shimla and Manali offer spectacular views and places to visit. Shimla is rich in monuments and tourist places at a very close distance from each other. So, if you intend to visit the tourist places with less traveling, Shimla will be a good choice.

But if you are willing to go on an adventure trip and enjoy the sports, then Manali is the better option. So, now you have to decide your better option.

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