Which are Most Common Car Key Problems?

One of the biggest concerns about car key problems is that the solutions are always different. This is because all car keys are different. So if you are dealing with a problem, you should first check what kind of car key you have. In addition, the solution to a specific problem is not always unambiguous. A key can get stuck in the ignition for a number of reasons. Having said that, let’s underline the importance of solving these types of issues yourself.  Doing these kinds of jobs, yourself can ruin your locks, which may put a dent in your wallet.  If you do something wrong, you will pay much more money than if you would hire a car locksmith.

What are the main car key types?

Older cars normally use standard ignition keys. These are keys with which you can open and close the car and start the engine. Over the years, the systems in the car have changed. Today most cars work with transponder keys. These have a small chip that sends signals to the car, responding by opening the car and starting the engine. Problems can arise from regular wear and tear. But keys can also be lost. And problems can also be caused by external factors, such as dust, frost, weather, etc. So there is a lot to take into account. That’s why a car locksmith is always a valuable addition. They utilize specialized tools efficiently without damaging your lock and car.

Problems with the ignition

As with any key, an ignition key can also be damaged. Over the years, these keys have worn out just like any other key. This can manifest itself in, for example, difficulty getting the key into the car lock or ignition lock. But be careful. If you apply too much force, there is a chance that you will break the key. And you don’t want that. Such problems require immediate replacement of the car key. A locksmith must be involved to remove the broken part from the lock and make a new key. It’s a fixable problem, but annoying.

Ignition lock keys will not work properly if the lock or ignition is damaged. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • The internal mechanism is also subject to wear.
  • Dust gets in and gets frozen.
  • Some parts may break.

Such problems can prevent you from inserting the key, let alone turning it. Again, don’t try to force anything. Call an auto locksmith near you.

Problems with transponder keys

Car locks change when you have a transponder key made, and you have to make sure that this transponder is also correctly pre-programmed. If it is not programmed correctly, the key simply will not work. The problem with transponder keys is that they sometimes require a lot of programming. It’s rare, but don’t cross it off your to-do list. You have to remember one thing: any key with a chip in it is programmed to work with only one car. This is important to remember when buying a used car or getting a replacement key.

Keychain issues?

Most problems with key fob keys have to do with the batteries. When these are gone, the key fob will stop working. The easy fix is ​​to replace the batteries and see if that works. If this is not the case, you can try the reserve. That should work. If there is still a problem, there is a chance that there is a problem with the locks themselves. Always keep in mind that keyrings can cause problems if the small parts in the keyring break. Your car keys are too precious not to work properly. But since problems can’t be completely prevented and these systems are too sensitive for repair, you should always have the number of a nearby auto locksmith in Tampa. At least that’s our advice.

If you’re in Tampa and don’t know about any certified locksmiths, I recommend All In One Locksmith. I’ve personally experienced their car lock-out service in my worst time. Their techs can handle all makes and models of cars professionally.

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