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Which Size Wall Mirrors Should I Buy?

Which Size Wall Mirrors Should I Buy

Harrow décor receives many questions about the sizing and dimensions of mirrors. We get many calls asking us about the sizes of certain mirrors, mosaic mirror, and which size would suit different living spaces. Although the size of your mirror is up to you, many of our customers have surprised when they receive their mirrors and discover how large it really is.

Our large, oversized mirrors can even surpass our staff! This post will discuss some of the questions you should ask before placing an order for a mirror and some tips that can help you get a better idea about the size of the mirror.

Where is the Mirror?

You should choose the right pace to fix the mirror in your home. You can use s wall mirror in your living room, bedroom, hallway, living, or dining room. An average-sized rectangular mirror measures around 120x80cm. Although the sizes of rectangular mirrors can vary, they are suitable for medium-sized spaces. We also offer a variety of sizes, including smaller or larger round mosaic mirrors.

We learned from interior designers that smaller spaces are more likely to be able to resist larger mirrors. They fear the mirror will overwhelm their living space. Large mosaic mirrors can be more effective than smaller ones. The reflective area of the mirror can reflect light around the room and project it, creating an illusion of greater space. You can experiment with the placement of the mirror. If you have a smaller space, consider placing it horizontally or vertically. Most of our rectangular mirrors can be placed in any direction. Many of our smaller mirrors can also mount on the wall.

Mirrors with full-length reflective areas are available in extra-large and full-length sizes. These mirrors can be used in dressing rooms or bedrooms and create stunning focal points. We’ve seen them used in living rooms and dining rooms. These mirrors range in height from 160cm up to 200cm, which is approximately 5ft 2inches to 5ft 5inch. This is quite a large mirror. These mirrors often have elaborate, decorative frames. A cheval mirror might be a better choice if you are looking for something a bit more subtle. The cheval mirror is tall and sleek. They can also be easily moved around due to their full-length reflective area.

How Big is the Actual Mirror?

It is important to have a rough idea of the dimensions of the mosaic mirror before it arrives at your home. Once you have chosen the right place for your mirror and found the design that you like, it is time to measure the mirror’s size on your wall. It is a good idea to measure the dimensions of the mirror using a piece of plain paper and blue tape to mark each corner of your wall. This will give you a better idea of how large the mirrors are. This is particularly important for areas like above your fireplace, where height may be restricted. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the mirror fits seamlessly.

You may be surprised at the size of your mirror after you have mapped it out. If the  mirror is too large for your space, take a look through our selection. In our one stop home decor shop, you will find the mirror you need in our extensive selection of sizes and styles.

You can place your order if the size you need is available. You can call our dedicated mosaic mirror experts if you have any questions about the sizing or any other aspect of mirrors.


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