Why is my HP printer printing pink instead of yellow?

Sometimes, you’ll notice the HP printer isn’t printing color prints in a flash. This is usually when the cartridge for ink runs dry of ink. There are other factors, including issues with the printer’s printhead or settings, etc. which can cause the issue. The root cause and the impact of this issue are not significant and you can resolve this issue by using simple methods. We’ve provided some easy solutions in this post that you can implement at your own discretion to solve this problem. Read this article and eliminate the HP printer that doesn’t print in color minor problem in a brief time.

What Restrains HP Printer to Print Color Prints?

Printer won’t print in color known for producing top quality both black and white images on a continuous basis. If it stops printing color prints, make sure to check the cartridge in order to determine if it’s filled with ink or it isn’t. There are a variety of other causes that could trigger this problem to occur on HP printers. The causes are listed below:

  • Any defects in the print head
  • The cartridge is emptied of the ink
  • Dust buildup in the printhead
  • The driver for the printer has been installed incorrectly
  • Untrue settings for the printer, i.e., wrong settings for the color options, etc.
  • Utilizing low-quality colors from untrusted sources could make this error occur.

If you are a tech with some information about HP printers and want to fix this issue, you could take a look at the simple instructions from our experts. If you follow these steps, you’ll learn how to solve problems with color printing on the HP printer.

Quick Tricks to Resolve Color Printing Issues of an HP Printer:

Method 1: Check the Cartridge

  1. Take care to open the cover that covers the top of the printer.
  2. Remove the cartridge for color printing using your hands
  3. Insert a new color cartridge, and then try to print your first time
  4. It could be the printer is depleted of color ink, or maybe the color cartridge has a problem.
  5. If the cartridge is brand new or at the very least one-quarter full to see the expiration date on the back of the cartridge.
  6. If you don’t often utilize color inks, or if you haven’t utilized for a long period of period of time, your ink may have expired.
  7. Purchase a brand new color cartridge if you’re ink has expired date
  8. Insert the new cartridge into your printer, and print another time.

If this method isn’t able to solve your problem, use the following method:

Method 2: Inspect the Print-head

  • Examine whether dust has build-up in the printhead.
  • Clean the entire printheads with dry cotton cloths to eliminate all dust particles

Method 3: Check to see if the print-head is working properly

  1. Click on the “power” button and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. Press the power button and simultaneously tap the “resume” button for at minimum six times
  3. Move your finger away off the power button.
  4. Let the HP printer to automatically clean the print heads using gentle washing methods
  5. Print your color copy and then print it out again.
  6. If the issue persists If it doesn’t work, hold and press” Power. “Power” button again
  7. Next time you press” Resume.” Press the “Resume” button five times for a gentler cleaning process.
  8. Print the document and then printing it again

If your printer not printing in color and you are unable to print color prints, it is best to immediately speak with a printer tech. A trusted HP printer technician will resolve the issue fast by offering you a reasonable HP printing repair .

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