Why is the MOT Test Essential for Your Car?

MOT is an abbreviation for Ministry of Transport. It is formulated to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. It is performed on your vehicle to check if your vehicle is working properly or not. At first, the test was initiated to maintain road safety and environmental standards.

The significance of the MOT Test Reading has increased over the past couple of decades due to an increase in road fatalities and pollution. It was performed once every decade but with the foreseen situation now this test has been made a necessity to prove the working condition of your car. All the cars must get their MOT test every year without fail.

If you recently bought a new vehicle, then there is no need for an MOT test until three years. Once your vehicle is three years old, the Car Service Reading and MOT test is mandatory.

This is because a brand new vehicle has all the parts that are freshly made and fixed. The chances of having any faults in any of the internal or external parts are nearly zero.

While MOT is done to make sure all the parts of your vehicle is working just fine. All the parts play a significant role in providing safety while driving.

After three years, the various elements of your car start to get damaged gradually. Thus, an annual inspection can help you with finding out any such problem. If there are any minor faults, they will be fixed before they turn into major ones.

The need for MOT has increased with time because the dependency on the vehicle is increasing day by day. Your vehicle is your daily necessity which you cannot ignore.

Therefore, keeping your vehicle in good condition is also important. You cannot just neglect any minor faults. These minor faults become a reason for part replacements in the future. So, MOT is a test that helps you with a thorough inspection.

What is all included in the MOT test?

All the parts that provide you safety while driving is included in the MOT test.

Tyres – The working stability of your tyres must be appropriate. This means, your tyres should be properly aligned, they should be balanced, the tread depth of the tyres must be more than 1.6mm, the tyres should be the right size and the type of tyres should be appropriate. It might sound like a long list but these are the most fundamentals of the tyre. If your tyres are not properly kept up, as they are the support system of your vehicle. They provide your safety and comfort while driving. Since they are the most functional part, it is easier for them to get damaged.

If there your tyres are found the faulty ones, your car might fail at its MOT test. And just so you know, tyres have been the most focused part due to which people fail their MOT test.

Brakes- The other most important thing, you cannot stop the vehicle without a good brake. Your car’s brake needs to be properly working. If the stopping distance is increased your vehicle might fail the test. So you need to be very careful while getting your MOT test.

Steering- Your steering should be properly coordinated with the tyres to maintain the proper straight motion.

  • Keep your car clean from inside out. It is necessary that your vehicle is neat and cleat, hygienic for kids and adults. Even the structure of the car should be in great proportion.
  • The fuel efficiency of your vehicle must be on point. Increased fuel mileage means damaged parts in your vehicle that can impact the working state of the vehicle.
  • Check the lights, headlights, indicators, brake lights, and lamps all should illuminate properly. Damaged lights mean issues while driving at night and it can be risky due to which your vehicle can fail at the MOT test.
  • Your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in the V5C logbook should match the VIN on the bodywork.
  • To guarantee that you may use your mirrors securely, they should all be undamaged and secure.
  • Fill up all of your fluids, including screenwash, brake fluid, and oil.

While MOT, every part is checked thoroughly even a minor fault can result in an MOT failure. A car service is essential before you go for your Car Service Reading. A good car service will help you save, money and time on your MOT tests and retests.

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