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Why Outsourcing your Medical Billing Services in 2022 is a Better Option

Medical Billing Services

It is no secret that the current situation of the labor shortage is expected to be long term and not just a short-term inconvenience. According to a recent survey, 69% of healthcare providers have reported that the national shortage of health care workers has affected both them and their place of work to a great extends along with creating other problems like wage pressure and potentially burgeoning inflation.

Thus, leaving healthcare practices with two billing options- partner with a professional RCM solution or spend extensively in accruing an expensive team of in-house billers and coders.

Today more than 78% of healthcare practices are into outsourcing options than hiring any in-house staff. This is because being a convenient solution, outsourcing your medical billing is a cost effective solution proven for many practices:

The benefit of outsourcing your medical billing services:

Providing you stable, trained and consistent billing support, outsourcing your medical billing always helps in better reimbursement growth. Putting an extra effort in your collections, outsourcing ends your worries of training your billers and coder, billing software etc. Bringing state of art professional solutions and experts that are up-to-date on regulations, compliance, and other industry standards; outsourcing further reduces your chances of errors, rejected and denied claims as well.

With greater stability and experience of payers requirements and different billing needs and guidelines, outsourcing further helps you with undivided attention for patient care and a better billing management solution.

The Sunknowledge benefits:

Working with many leading names in the industry for more than 15+, we today offer various advantages starting from- providing an exceptional and customized solution catering to your billing requirements to reducing you’re A/R bucket; we have done it all. Bringing down operational costs by 80%, Sunknowledge Services Inc in fact is best known for delivering actionable support for all DME, HME, urgent care, orthotics prosthetics and 28 other medical billing specialties. In fact, our niche presence, versatility across multiple billing systems makes us a genuine destination. With a constant no cost dedicated account manager working to improve your medical billing operation, billing down your denial and improving your collection, we today listed among the top leading RCM solution across the US.

Fishing for more information on our other benefits, get in touch with our experts over a ‘no commitment call’ and let our experts show you how we can transform your revenue in no time.

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