Why Study MBBS in China?

MBBS in China

The Chinese government publishes a list of eligible medical universities each year that allow foreign students to enroll in their medical studies. Here are listed some reasons why study MBBS in China you should know before opting for MBBS study in China.

The medical universities on this list are also listed in the WHO (World Health Organization) list of medical schools. Which only means that if you receive a medical degree from one of these universities – you are fully eligible to appear for a medical examination.

Reason to Choose China for MBBS

Recognized Around the World

In most countries of the world, such as USA, UK, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and so on. Upon successful completion of a medical degree course that lasts 6 years, including 1 year of internship, students will receive a diploma. . Then you can go back to India and be present at the MCI screening test and after passing, you can work anywhere in India as a medical doctor.

Available Medical Information

Affordable medical education at all Chinese medical universities, which provides approximately the same quality of education as Indian medical colleges, is another important reason for the selection of Indian students at MBBS in China. The competition is so fierce that only a small number of students from graduate schools enter the medical course. Because being a doctor is the most respected profession in India and the income potential is also huge. So, students and their parents want only one thing – to enter medical college.

But, as mentioned above, enrolling in a private medical college will also cost you an arm and a leg! You won’t find any decent private medical college that offers you an MBBS course with a total cost of less than $ 70 – most colleges will cost you about a billion for a 6-year MBBS course. As a result, MBBS is pictured in China with its quality medical information. In China, a 6-year medical degree course can be completed. Which is equivalent to MBBS in India, for a total of up to 20 lakhs (excluding the cost of living in China, of course). If that’s not enough reason for you, we have more:

Easy Admission Procedure

In India, admission to a public medical school is almost impossible due to fierce competition. But in China, getting a medical degree at a prestigious university is easy. Only 70% on PCBE at 12th and no entrance exam needed. And a qualifying score on NEET is sufficient to enroll you in the University of your Choice.

If you compare the admission criteria of medical schools in countries like India, USA, UK, Australia, etc. Also, you will see that it is much easier to enter Chinese medical school. Therefore, choosing MBBS in China will help you avoid the queue of lacquer students who come with you to NEET.

Demand for Low Standards

Chinese medical universities may not have strict admission requirements. But that does not mean there is a lack of quality education. And recognized by the MCI, offering a world-class quality medical course. MBBS in China is roughly similar to medical courses in Indian higher medical courses.

English-Medium Language Teaching System

For international students, this is the most important factor. Chinese universities understand this well. Therefore, teachers who teach international students have English language. Also very able to teach and communicate with students in English. Universities even frequently hire foreign teachers from English-speaking countries. So, if you are afraid of studying MBBS in China because you think you have to study Mandarin to enter, nothing can be further from the truth.

Creative Teaching Methodology

Medical science is constantly evolving. All countries invest heavily in medical research and education. China is no different. China is one of the few countries that invest a significant share of its annual GDP in health and medicine. And to keep pace with this rapid progress. As a result, Chinese medical universities are also changing and developing new systems of medical education. MBBS in china for Indian students at Chinese universities are regularly introduced to the latest inventions in the field of medicine, the latest research and advanced medical equipment, and medical devices.

The Cost of Economic Life

Apart from the fact that studying medicine in China is about 70% cheaper. Cheaper than studying MBBS in any private medical school in India, the total cost of living for an international student is surprisingly affordable. Everything from renting a dormitory or apartment to the cost of food is the same as all the big cities of India and sometimes it is even cheaper depending on where you live in China. Of course, cities like Beijing or Shanghai will be more expensive, but medical schools are mostly located where things are available for international students.

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