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Explore wooden mirror designs that make a statement

When you think of a mirror, you think of catching your reflection and seeing how you look but mirrors play a much bigger role in a home. Mirrors are both functional and aesthetic. In terms of décor, a mirror can reflect light from the windows into the room and make the space look much bigger. It also makes the room look brighter and more welcoming. In terms of aesthetics, a wooden mirror design could act as a large decorative piece on the walls and dress the room. It could be the perfect finishing touch to your décor. The question is, what are the ways you can categorize mirror designs and choose the perfect one for your home?

Jharokha style mirrors

Indian art and architecture have a few characteristic elements. The jharokha is one of them. It’s what you imagine when you think of India’s palaces and Havelis. A jharokha mirror is a great way to bring a touch of Indian heritage into your home décor. Jharokha mirrors are defined by intricate carved detailing on the top and the bottom of the mirror frame. Some of these mirrors are rectangular in shape while others have a window-like silhouette. There is plenty of variation in terms of the mirror’s width and height. Some jharokha mirrors also have a triptych like an effect. They may have smaller mirrors on either side as well as smaller mirrors on the top or bottom. In their place, many jharokha mirrors also have beautiful tiles in vivid colors. These mirrors look great in the living room.

Carved heritage mirrors

If you like a classic décor style, you’ll find plenty of wooden mirror designs with carved detailing that gives it a vintage touch. The mirror design can vary greatly in terms of sizes and shapes. Sometimes, it may be a large mirror with a sleek wooden frame while at others, it could be a small mirror with a broad frame. The mirrors could be rectangular, square, or even round. Large mirrors with a slim frame give an impression of vastness while small mirrors with broader frames add weight to the décor. The latter can be arranged in groups to create a more lasting impression. The carvings can take the form of spindles worked on a lathe or small motifs like flowers, vines, and animal forms. You may also see mirrors with geometric forms reflective of the step wells of the western Indian desserts.

Modern contemporary mirrors

Intricately carved mirrors are beautiful but they may be a little out of place in a house decorated in a minimal style. In such cases, a mirror with more contemporary styling may be a better fit. The mirrors best suited for your home would have slim, sleek frames with subtle detailing that makes each piece stand out. You may also find mirror designs with a modern edge yet a hint of the classic. Imagine a wooden frame with a single side ornamented with floral carved detailing or a series of spindles. Some frames may be flat but they may have a silhouetted cut to make them stand apart. You can even find standing floor mirrors in similar styles.

Rustic style mirrors

Sometimes, you want designs that are a little out of the ordinary. You want something that goes back to a simpler time and reflects the great outdoors. Rustic mirror frames that look like a couple of logs interlocked in place could be just what’s needed. In such cases, like the frame, the mirrors themselves may also have an irregular shape. Else, you may want to pick a frame with a whitewashed or patina finish. A simple oval mirror frame with such a finish may be ideal for a country-side look.

Mirrors with dual functionality

The key functionality of mirrors is to reflect what’s placed in front of them. But, the frame can do more than just that. Some mirror frames have small drawers integrated into them. Others may have slim shelves built into the frame. Mirrors with shelves or drawers are ideal for the entryway. The shelves are ideal to place a small vase of flowers, a candle stand, or a delicate curio or two. Similarly, drawers could be the ideal place to store your house keys. This makes sure you don’t lose them. They could also be used to store mail and shopping lists.

Choosing the ideal wooden mirror

You need to pay as much attention to choosing a mirror as you would to choosing any other piece of furniture. The designs are usually the first details to be noted. You must see the motifs as well as the type of finishing. Finishing on mirrors can vary from a finely polished motif to roughly carved edges. The choice depends on what kind of look you’re settling for.

Design isn’t the only or the most important element. You need to also pay attention to the quality of wood used for the mirror frame. Always ensure that the frame is made out of solid wood. Compressed wood may seem cheaper but this material does not have the same strength or weight as solid wood. Compressed wood may also be more prone to damage. In places with high humidity levels, compressed wood could crumble with time. When you do pick a frame made of solid wood, make sure the wood is dried and well treated for protection against pests and moisture.

Lastly, when you pick a wooden mirror design, make sure you shop from a reputable furniture brand. They should follow sustainable practices in terms of felling trees only that are ready to be felled and planting more to replenish the forests. They should also use good quality wood. While teak may be the more expensive wood, pine and mango wood mirrors could be more affordable. Make sure the company follows reliable construction methods so that the furniture is sturdy. And lastly, before you make the payment and finalize your order, make sure you check out the company’s shipping and returns policies. This way, you’re assured of a happy experience.

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