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One of the most important aspects of workplace set up is the right size. How big should the workplace be? To understand the design of the workspace, first consider the features that need to be included in the space.

Get inspiration from other places you work. Most of the workplace set up is a combination of desk, lounge with table, and other types of workspace you want to include, which can be provided in your workspace. Meeting rooms, video conference booths, lounge areas, and printing rooms should also be included.

Do not forget to include space for kitchen, pantry, bathroom and reception desk. Some leaders in the co-operative industry use space for other activities, such as:  Children’s room, bicycle storage area, lockers and bar.

Find a suitable location:

How big should the workplace be? Consider the trajectory of a person’s trail to determine how much space you need to plan each component of the interactive space design.  Get ideas with scales designed for traditional offices workplace set up .Each traditional workplace provided to members requires 7595 square feet per person. Suppose a kitchen without chairs is about 100 square feet [100 sq. m], and the private offices and meeting rooms are 120150 square feet.

Local plan:

How big should the workplace be? To make the process easier, consider three key areas: private and collaborative environments, targeted audiences, and other resources.

Private space and meeting space

When planning the workplace set up , keep in mind the type of space you create. Is it very focused on your personal work, collaboration, or combination? If your goal is to work privately, you should focus on individual workplaces, which often require extra space and take up little space. However, if you intend to collaborate, you will need common areas that tend to have more space per person.

Target group:

You also need to consider the amount of space the average member occupies. This requires the average user to be considered. If the average person has one laptop and a paper pad, you can choose a small workplace without a complaint. However, if you are targeting engineers who need more space for supervisors, or artists who need to place art objects, you will need to make each workspace larger. Remember that each member will need extra space if they want to convey a sense of splendor or premium.

Other resources:

Remember to consider other resources needed in your workplace. When giving locks to members, make sure there is enough space for them. Do you need a basic kitchen for your needs, or do you need a place for tables and chairs? How many meeting rooms or telephone booths do you want to install? Each of these contributes to the calculation of the room.

The conclusion:

How big should the workplace be? Once you have filled the vacancy, it is important to monitor the use of each facility. For example, track how many desks they have, how often the meeting rooms are kept, and how many members use the kitchen to improve your space as your business grows.

Of course, no two areas are alike. It is, therefore, a very prosperous industry. When you think of designing your space, remember that there is no such thing as a complete building. You can create your own. As long as you keep your customers in mind, think about growing up, and stay within your means, your space should be exactly what your customer’s need.

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