WPS Light on My D-Link Extender Keeps Blinking. What to Do?

WPS Light

A lot of D-Link extender users opt to set up their WiFi devices using the WPS method. The reason being the setup process can be carried out with a single push of a button. Above all, users need not access dlinkap.local. In the WPS setup, a random SSID and passphrase are assigned to the extender. However, not all users get success with the D-Link extender setup process because the WPS light on their D-Link extender keeps blinking instead of turning solid.

If you are also going nuts due to the same issue, then read none other than this post. Here, we will shed light on the most effective tips to overcome the blinking WPS light issue with your D-Link extender. So, keep reading.

Fixed: D-Link Extender Blinking WPS Light Issue

Tip 1: Before you do anything else, ensure whether your D-Link extender is getting sufficient electricity or not. To do so, pay attention to the wall socket you’ve used to power up your D-Link extender. Is it working fine? Is it short-circuited? If the second question has received a positive response, then you’ve spotted the reason behind the blinking WPS light issue with your D-Link extender. So, get the current wall plug repaired or use another one to power up your D-Link extender.

Besides check the wall socket, make sure that your area doesn’t suffer power outages. If it does, then use a UPS to power up the extender and ensure a steady power supply.

Tip 2: Another reason why the WPS light on your extender might be blinking is loose or damaged cable connections. Therefore, have a look at all the cables connected to your WiFi devices. Make sure that the cables need to be free of cuts. In case you find any cut on the cable, discard it, and use another one to do its respective job.

Also, when it comes to the distance between your WiFi devices, you need to place them close to each other. However, do not place them too close as it can result in a clash of their WiFi signals leading you to more trouble than you’re already facing.

Tip 3: Where have you placed your D-Link extender? In a corner or near a thick concrete wall? Well, you’ve chosen the incorrect location to place your extender that has led you to the issue you’re currently facing. Therefore, relocate your D-Link extender immediately.

While relocating your extender, do not choose a room filled with devices emitting radio-wave frequencies. Apart from that, avoid placing the extender near reflexive surfaces, metal, objects, etc. Choose a location that is well-ventilated. It would be like a cherry on the top if the extender is placed in the central location of the home. Doing so will facilitate equal distribution of the extender’s WiFi signals throughout the home.

Tip 4: Did you press the WPS button on the extender within a limited time period? Probably not. As a result, the extender failed to maintain a WPS connection with the existing router. Keep in mind that you need to press the WPS button on the D-Link extender within a certain time period after pushing the button on the router.

So, rectify the mistake and check if you get success in resolving the blinking WPS light issue with the D-Link extender.

Tip 5: If the WPS light on the extender has started blinking after setting up the WiFi device, an outdated firmware can also be one of the reasons behind the issue. Therefore, consider updating the firmware of your D-Link extender.

To update the extender’s firmware, download the file, extract it, access the dlinkap.local setup wizard and upload the firmware file when asked for.

Sum Up

In this way, you can resolve the blinking WPS light issue with your D-Link extender. However, if all of the hacks go in vain, perform factory default reset of the device and do the D Link extender setup from scratch.

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