4 Pandemic-Friendly Items That Are Mandatory For Your Next Trip To New York City

While social distancing has highlighted our human need for constant socialization, many of us are tired of staying at home and desperately want to vacation in a new country or even go on a road trip, just for the sake of going out of the house. While we are forever ready to ditch the cocoon of our homes after being stuck at home for so long, we must take extra precautions in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Complications of Traveling During The Pandemic

Traveling has vastly changed because of the pandemic. On one hand, the pandemic doesn’t seem to slow down, with new variants popping up in different parts of the world to scare an already alert global population. On the other hand, the best cure to prevent the rapid spread of the virus is to take precautions and adopt practices that might prevent its exposure. Though traveling is reduced to a minimum with countries closing their borders to prevent exposure to the new variant, Omicron, how long we can last is a question in itself.

Before traveling, thoroughly research the dos and don’ts of your travel destination. Since we rely so much on our smartphones and the internet, it is recommended that besides packing hygiene supplies, choose an internet service provider, that’s fast, secure, and extremely reliable. If you are traveling within the country, Select TV is one of the best. While you may be ready to hop simply on the plane, follow the given advice below for a safe travel itinerary:

Be Thorough And Systematic While Packing Your Travel Essentials

Be meticulous in your travel packing and don’t leave home without these essentials in your case as you head out for a vacation within the country or abroad. While these may seem less obvious, missing any one item in your packing list because of the COVID may not be a wise decision. Even if you are not a frequent flyer or regularly travel, we suggest that you follow the below-mentioned list as travel has drastically changed due to the pandemic.

Travel Items That Must Always Be With You Before You Begin Your Much-Awaited Journey

Disposable Facemasks

Always carry mandatory restroom items for travel, which usually include disposable facemasks, disinfectant wipes/gloves, hand sanitizers, tissue papers, water bottles, and office stationery. Before traveling, always check the essentials that you are required to carry at all times, during your trip to the airport, and on your daily run. Always carry mandatory items such as facemasks for you need these masks when present at the airport and outside as well.

Facemasks are also required for most entry points so whether you plan to lunch at The Buca di Beppo Restaurant or are planning a visit to The Radio City Music Hall Stage Tour, facemasks are mandatory and should be with you at all times. This is not just a precautionary measure to protect you from the virus but it is necessary for others’ safety as well.

Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, And Disinfecting Wipes

Always carry an extra pair of gloves, a mini hand sanitizer, and a packet of disinfecting wipes of a brand that you trust and know that it’s gentle on the skin yet gives you that extra protective layer to avert ailments, infections, and germs of all kinds. The pandemic has made us even more vigilant of our hygiene and environmental safety. No longer are we careless about these grey areas and we all want to play an important role in helping to prevent this virus as much as possible.

Water Bottles And Office Stationery

Other travel items such as water bottles and office stationery are under-rated yet should be a part of your travel case, irrespective of the nature of your trip. Most hotels today no longer place office stationery in hotel rooms and you wouldn’t want to hold stuff that’s been held by everyone else of questionable hygiene. Hence, why not carry and pack your pen?

Ever since the pandemic came into play, sharing items of daily use have been actively discouraged as these are difficult to disinfect and can be a cause of spreading coronavirus. The same rules apply to water bottles. Carry your bottle with you at all times. It is not at all wise to use drinking fountains, placed at various locations in parks and malls. Again touching these surfaces may result in the transmission of the virus. We suggest that you carry your own all the time.

Capturing Moments Via Smartphone Essentials: Selfie Stick And Drone Photography

Who doesn’t want to capture every moment of their journey? We suggest that you invest in a decent selfie stick if you are picky about random strangers touching your phone. Since we have become extremely fussy about who is touching our personal property, it’s best to use a selfie stick for taking pictures. If you have an interest in photography, then drone photography may just be the thing for you.

However, it is best to know the guidelines for drone photography as many states have certain regulations regarding drone photography. While a selfie stick may bring everyone in one frame, drone photography may prove to be a fantastic way to capture the landscape, whether it is Nature’s bounty or the concrete one, that’s everywhere in the Big Apple.

Powerful Powerbank For Smart Travel

While you may need to pack some extra layers to keep warm, always carry a powerful power bank with you at all times! It’s a much feasible option than using phone charging booths at various public spaces.

Carrying a powerful power bank with you is essential because even if you run out of juice, you have a backup battery to take care of you. Besides clicking pictures, our smartphones are used for GPS, online payments, and constant communication with friends and family.

Online Cash Payments – Contactless And Simplifying Costs

Contactless technology, considered a safe way to make payoffs while ensuring online security as well. Contactless cash payment means you can now make all your payments online without worrying about your credit cards being lost or robbed. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about your card touching the credit machine. More and more restaurants, hotels, departmental stores, and many other domains have already introduced the feature of online payments since the pandemic seems unending.

Final Thoughts …

Travel patterns witnessed a drastic shift during the pandemic. Which is why it’s better to travel inland rather than outside the country. A large amount of internet service providers come with long-lasting massive coverage within the country and offer fantastic internet deals that will make you more connected while traveling. For more information, call the Spectrum phone number and talk to our customer representative to know more about our spectacular internet services.

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