5 Amazing tips to Enable the Dlink Dual Band Router IPv6 Connection

If you are working from home then you definitely demand a stable wifi connection and that is the most considerable thing in today’s world. Then why shouldn’t you try the Dlink Dual Band Router? Well, the Dlink wireless router is the solution to every internet problem. It copes up with the diversity of smart wifi devices. Also, it offers you the 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) to 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standards. Moreover, the design of the Dlink wifi router is also attractive and it can be a better option for your home network. 

The Dlink wifi router works smartly and fixes the big office budgets very easily. Basically, the Dlink wifi router has a traditional design. So that you can adjust the four gigabit LAN ports very easily. Also, the setup and the dlinkrouter.local login process is a breeze. Moreover, it has a reset button, WPS Button, power button, and four LEDs that blink when your device gets a poor wifi location. You can make various changes to the settings of the device after the setup.

Advanced Configuration settings of the Dlink Dual Band Router

Well, you are allowed to make various configuration settings for the device. As the IPv6 connection is one of them. It simply allows its users to set up the IPv6 connection into the home network. In which there are several types of connections you can easily find or choose. Such as PPPoE, Autoconfiguration (SLAAC/DHCPv6), Static IPv6, Auto Detection, IPv6 in IPv4 Tunnel,  Link-local, and, 6to4, 6th settings. In case you are not sure about the network connection with the Dlink router then you can easily check for the missing connection by using an IPv6 connection. 

Enabling Auto-detection connection into the Dlink wifi router

Well, the Dlink wifi router can automatically detect the IPv6 connection type. Then it can also fulfill the relevant settings from the internet service provider. In this section, you become more familiar with the Dlink device. Well, the IPv6 connection automatically detects the network name and then connects to it. If the auto-detection gets successful in connecting to the connection then the internet LED will lit green on the front panel of the router. Therefore, select to obtain the IPv6 DNS Servers Automatically or you can also use the  IPv6 DNS Servers.

After doing this enter the primary and the secondary domain name server of the network connection. Now check the box to enable the DHCP server. Therefore, follow the on-screen prompts. 

How to enable a static IPv6 address for the Dlink dual band router?

In order to enable the static IPv6 from the drop-dos menu and then check the box to enter the ISP. After that enter the subnet mask and then the default gateway for the IPv6 connection. You can also add the primary or the secondary DNS server address. Moreover, you also need to enter the local IPv6 address and the d link router password. Thus, it will display the link address. Now you can enable the auto-configuration feature. Choose the DHCPv6, SLAAC + RDNSS, or SLAAC + Stateless DHCPv6 from the drop-down menu.

The main functioning of the DHCP Autoconfiguration

You can select the Autoconfiguration from the drop-down menu and then you need to obtain the IP address. If you don’t want to select the IP address then simply enter the primary or the secondary DNS server. Therefore, check for the DHCP services and enable them by checking the box. Moreover, you also need to enter the local address for the router. Thus, it will display the LAN local address. Then check to enable the IPv6 automatic address. This is how you can also enable the PPPoE function. When you follow the prompt then you will get more information about the network connection of the Dlink wifi router. 

Final words

The Dlink Dual Band router provides a fast wifi connection into the home network. Well, the Dlink wifi router is perfect for streaming videos and playing online games. Also, the device allows you to configure the advanced settings so that you can set them according to you. One of the settings that include is the IPv6 connection settings in which you can configure multiple server settings or you can also boost up the speed. Therefore, here are some of the settings that you can make into the IPv6 connection. If you want to get detailed information about the settings of the IPv6 connection then read the Dlink user manual. Read more.

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