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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Branded Fan

A ceiling fan is an appliance that is usually considered a functional addition to the room. However, a fan can be one of the most standout pieces in a room. A ceiling fan takes centre stage in the middle of your space. A wall or pedestal fan is directly within the line of sight of everyone in the room. A fan is an opportunity to add a beautiful piece of decor to your room.

Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers you the widest range of branded fans. Special discounts, EMI offers and flexible repayment tenors ensure that you get the very best deals on your branded fan purchase. Most people consider the colour and wattage of a fan before they buy. But, there are so many more things that you should consider before you buy a branded fan.


Match your ceiling fan to the style of the room furnishing and decor. A vintage-style room calls for a fan with a blade design that recalls the elegance of the old days. A fan with handcrafted touches, stained glass, brass or wood finishes would be the best match for such a room. Modern styles call for fans with sleek futuristic designs.

If you are looking for a fan for your patio, match a rattan finished Fanzart fan to your rattan furniture. Wooden floors and panelling create a cosy and welcoming look. The simplicity or elaborate design of your fan should take its cues from your room furnishings.


We pay more attention to the design of ceiling lights than we do ceiling fans. When you combine a ceiling fan with lighting, the piece adds a focal point in the room even when the fan is in use.

A fan combined with a chandelier is the perfect luxury finish that your room requires. A ceiling fan combined with a crystal chandelier becomes a sparkling centrepiece in your space. Fanzart fans are works of art that are eye-catching and beautiful masterpieces for your room.


Some homes use fans when the weather is mild and switch to air conditioning when the weather is too hot. A fan with collapsible blades converts into a decorative light when the fan is not required. Fanzart also offers you the top quality table fan that is a compact and powerful solution for your cooling needs. This top quality Fanzart fan you can easily carry to whichever corner of your space that needs most cooling may be just the thing you need.


Intelligent features are essential for today’s fast-paced life. Fans with remote controls are easy to control without having to get up from your seat. A fan that adjusts itself to the ambient room temperature is ideal for preventing you from being woken up by a too cool fan.

Fanzart fans offer you humanoid fans that detect the presence of a person and adjust their direction and motion accordingly. 3D oscillation is essential so that the fan moves both vertically and horizontally to give you a cooling breeze exactly where you need it.

Tower and recessed fans

Explore options other than a ceiling or pedestal fan. A tower fan is an attractive and practical addition to your room. It also offers you smart features and is easier to fit into a room with a low ceiling. A tower fan can easily be placed unobtrusively in a tight corner and cool the entire room. The sleek minimalist looks go well with different styles of decor. Match your tower fan finish to the wooden furniture in the room.

Most contemporary room designs would look better with a fan that is concealed in the ceiling. Fanzart fans offer recessed fans with and without LEDs. These slim designs fit out of sight in your false ceiling and direct a cool breeze downward. A concealed fan may be a better solution for rooms with low ceilings, corporate settings, bathrooms and showrooms.

Wall-mounted works of art

Your wall mounted fan can be a beautiful work of art. A wall fan is ideal for creating a breeze in a small space or directing a breeze towards a particular area in a larger room. Pick a fan with interesting design elements, such as the fan mount and the blades’ colour and pattern. Choose a blade shape or finish that matches the room decor.


A fan blade can be decorative when the fan is not in use. Round, leaf and scythe shaped fan blades make your fan look distinctive. Try to pick a fan with a blade or mounting shape that echoes the other design elements in your room.

Temperature adjusting and energy-saving fan features keep your room at a steady temperature and are easy on your wallet. When you select a fan with attention to design features, you make a style statement. Instead of being an appliance that nobody ever notices, your fan becomes a practical and decorative piece of art. Pick your favourite branded fan on lowest EMI at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at the best discounts and bring home the best fan to suit your needs.


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