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We Analyzed 100 Most Selling Products & Their Descriptions on Amazon. Here’s What We Found!

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Product descriptions are impactful enough to either make or break a sale. While our analysts surveyed over 100 products that are selling like hotcakes along with their descriptions. We observed that the resounding success of these products has exceeded the others already prevailing in the market.

Why? Simply because those products have perfectly demonstrated, well-optimized product pages built with the right blend of enriching titles, compelling descriptions, high-quality images, among other crucial elements. What else? They have the right approach to attract their prospective audience and bring in more sales.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Amazon product listing content strategies to sail through the process seamlessly and accomplish more sales going forward.

Go ahead and implement these Amazon product description writing tips to get ahead of your competitors, and sell more than you can imagine.

Points To Keep In Mind While Creating Descriptions
Points To Keep In Mind While Creating Descriptions

Know your audience well

The foremost thing you must keep in mind while crafting impactful product descriptions is being aware of your target audience. This is one of the key Amazon product description tips that you must keep in mind. You must know what your potential buying audience likes or prefers in order to serve them better.

Getting to know your prospects will further help you understand what features and benefits they are seeking. Also how you can leverage these by catering to just that!

When you have an in-depth idea about what your target audience is looking for, you’ll be able to render products they actually want rather than playing the guessing game. Here are a few things that you may want to ask yourself:

  • What made your target audience land on your product page?
  • Why does he/she need your product?
  • What are his/her interests, preferences, etc.?

Keep all the above questions in mind while you create product descriptions for your target audience. Who knows, you might craft product copies that are not only convincing for your target audience, but also help you sell more on the marketplace.

A storytelling approach works best!

In addition to providing all the necessary product details that your potential buying audience would need to decide on a purchase, you can also share your brand’s unique story to make a memorable mark on your prospects.

Tell them how your brand was formed, what was the motto behind it, and so many other things that you might want to add to connect with your audience. Throw light on the origin of your products, the vision, and the inspiration behind building the brand to draw them closer to your brand. The more you share your story, the more inclined your audience will be towards your brand. So, don’t hesitate to share your brand’s journey with them.

Set the tone right

Don’t rely on a set of words or phrases to gain attention. Try and experiment with the tone of voice you use and play around with product descriptions as much as possible. What you can do is connect with your target audience. By addressing them directly and giving them all the information they’ll need to decide on a purchase. Remember – you are not conversing with a machine! Your audience is human and engaging them with impactful product descriptions is what you should be focused on.

Stay professional while you write the descriptions and don’t go overboard when it comes to incorporating keywords. In addition to this, you need to be consistent in the tone and language you use to gradually build their trust in your brand. Once they confide in your brand, they’ll eventually be fully convinced to buy from you. A well-qualified Amazon Virtual Assistant can help you overcome the hassles of crafting compelling product descriptions and engaging your audience better.

Give more emphasis on the benefits rather than just features

Instead of telling the features of products, you should focus on describing how the offered products can benefit them and fulfill their needs. Don’t just focus on the key features and neglect the benefits. Buyers are more interested in knowing how a particular product can add value. Also, by illustrating the prominent uses of the product, sellers can elaborate on how the product can improve the buyer’s life.

In short, there’s no harm in explaining the main functions of the product. But it is equally necessary to address the pain points and describe how the user can benefit from the product. Utilize your creative powers to showcase the information in the most accentuating way possible and persuade the visitor to click on the ‘buy’ button.

Use power words judiciously

There are certain keywords, phrases, or terms that are most searched by the user or the audience. When you include those in your product copies, your products will gradually be found by your potential buying audience. Being one of the most fruitful Amazon product listing content strategies, you get favorable results in minimum time!

Apart from the high-volume keywords, you must also incorporate keywords that are relevant to your nature of product or business. Probably the ones that’ll help you drive more traffic to your product pages and bring in more sales. You can create powerful product copies by incorporating the keywords that help you sell more. Once you get hold of Amazon’s A9 algorithm, you’ll be able to grab the attention of more prospects.  Also, increase visibility across the marketplace.

When you know your potential customers well and are aware of what search terms and phrases they use to search for their desired product, you will be able to entice them better. Also, don’t just focus on stuffing the relevant keywords into your product content – try to make it impactful and convincing!

Aim for a high readability score

Frankly speaking, nobody reads the entire description right from the start till the end. With only limited time at hand, shoppers simply skim through the content and gather what little information they read to make a purchase decision. If you don’t provide the right or accurate information.  Or you are incorporating additional details that the shopper isn’t really interested in, you are simply beating around the bush.

Simply put, if your visitors don’t find the exact product information they are looking for to decide on a purchase. Then, my friend, they will probably be going straight to your competitors. And you obviously don’t want that, right? So, you need to fix this by making your product copies more skimmable. A high readability score will ensure more product visibility, and consequently more sales.

Here’s what you need to do if you don’t want them to leave the product page and go to your counterparts:

  • Add bullet points to highlight key features and benefits
  • Shorten the paragraphs
  • Say NO to long, boring sentences
  • Engage the audience with unique content and play around with the text fonts and styles

Keep the above things in mind if you want your prospective buying audience to stay & intend to retain them for long!

Use high-quality, captivating product images

Incorporating high-quality product images is one of the crucial Amazon product description tips that you must follow. Writing exemplary product descriptions isn’t enough. Some serious work needs to be done on your product photos as well. How? Simply use clear, high-resolution images showcasing every intricate detail about the product. Don’t try to convey any wrong, misleading information, instead, try to be as precise and accurate in your demonstration as possible. No need to add unnecessary props or objects – it will only clutter the photos and confuse the potential buyer.

Since product photos are one of the first things a potential customer will notice on the product page, make sure they are worth their while. Otherwise, they are bound to move to your competitor’s product page. You must ensure that you keep your target audience engaged with high-quality, visually-captivating product images. If need be, you can do slight image editing or enhancements taking help from image editing professionals. One last thing – don’t hesitate to include photos from different angles. And include photos with multiple views, and if possible, provide zoom-in and zoom-out options for a clearer view.

Optimize for both the user and Amazon’s search engine

It is extremely important to know the intent of a potential user or audience. Understanding the user intent will help your prospective audience to search for your products more easily and effectively. Product descriptions must be written in a way that helps your potential buyers find your products in minimum time and prevent them from buying from your competing counterparts.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to include keywords and phrases in the descriptions to make your products rank higher in the search results on the Amazon marketplace.

So, not only should you keep in mind the user intent, or the keywords that prospects use to search for the desired product. But also consider incorporating the high-volume, relevant keywords that yield higher rankings, thereby improving the sales and conversions.

Wrapping Up

As an ardent Amazon, you must be aware that product descriptions can be a key contributor to sales if leveraged the right way. In order to make the most of your online store, you must go through the above-mentioned Amazon product description writing tips.

Go ahead and master the skill of writing product descriptions by implementing these Amazon product description tips, & unlocking the door to higher sales and conversions!

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