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Boost Self-Esteem to become Productive and Content

People have to remain confident and believe in themselves to stay content with their performance in personal and professional life. Self-esteem helps the person to prioritize themselves and feel worthy. Individuals who remain doubtful, which hinders their progress, should consult a psychologist. The psychologist will help the person change their mindset and practice activities/techniques that would help them enhance their self-esteem.

The ways that can help the person feel confident and believe in their abilities are:

Use of Positive Affirmations:

People with doubts tend to have low self-worth. A small hurdle in life can lead to self-doubts and anxiety. It is best to practice positive affirmation to build confidence. For example, “I will achieve it and become a success story.” It allows the person to take control of their actions and find rational solutions.

Focus on your Abilities:

Most of the time, people do not focus on the areas they perform well at and feel low and discouraged about the performance in other areas. If one is good at painting or cooking, they should join classes and enhance their skills. It allows the person to find a purpose and work hard to thrive. Eventually, the person feels confident and believes in their abilities.

Accept the Compliments Wholeheartedly:

Compliments are positive reinforcers that allow the person to feel better and confident about their skills. People who accept compliments feel satisfied and work hard to impress others and become productive. Once the person can respond to compliments, it’s more likely they have a sense of self-worth and contentment.

Eradicate Self-Criticism:

Self-criticism only adds up to anxiety. It makes the person believe they cannot achieve anything in life. Self-reflection is essential but criticizing makes the person make irrational decisions. Hence, it is best to resist self-criticizing thoughts and work hard to become a better version of themselves every day.

No more Comparisons with Others:

One cannot be good at everything in life. It is essential to only focus on your strengths and polish and enhance them. Comparisons can cause anxiousness and affect the overall performance. It also deteriorates psychological and physical health.

Use the “FAST” Acronym:

The “FAST” refers to being fair to themselves, never being apologetic for your stance, sticking to your values and morals, and being truthful to yourself. The person takes their position without a sense of guilt. However, it is essential to self-reflect and take steps to enhance the skills and be confident in the future.

Practice Forgiveness and Move on:

Overthinking can cause self-doubts. It is essential to forgive and focus on yourself to perform well in academic, personal, and professional life.

Practice Mindfulness:

It allows the person to become aware of the surroundings and feelings. It helps the person rationally evaluate the situation, which helps them make sensible decisions. When the person takes control and starts deciding on their own, they know their worth and believe in their abilities to deal with different situations in life.

  • Talk to Friends and Family: Support from friends, peers, and family members can help the person feel confident to deal with the situation. The appreciation works as a reinforcement that pushes the person to become productive and achieve goals in life by believing in themselves. Eventually, the person has a sense of contentment.
  • Start completing tasks with a Positive Attitude: Positivity allows the person to overcome self-doubts and give their best to complete tasks. The person has to believe in their skills.

People with self-esteem issues struggle in academic, personal, and professional life. Hence, it is best to consult a psychologist in Islamabad. The specialist will help the individual focus on ways to overcome the problems to become content and productive in academic, personal, and professional life.


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