BrainDumpsKit LSAT Test – Preparation Strategies That Give Great Results

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a skill-based exam that tests your analytical thinking and critical reading skills. The law school administrators use this test to choose the candidates that are eligible for a position in law school. The Law School Admission Council administers this multiple-choice paper-and-pencil test. The candidates must spend some time understanding the ins and outs of LSAT exam before they start preparing for it.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look for other sources to collect this information because we are going to share the most important details of LSAT test in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at LSAT test details. Read On BrainDumpsKit Site.


Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning consists of 2 units with consist of 24-26 questions each. The questions are taken from the short passages added to the test. The time allowed for each section of Logical Reasoning is 35 minutes. The Analytical Reasoning section tests you on basic logic and the ability to criticize, analyze, complete and understand arguments.

Analytical Reasoning

This section consists of 22-24 questions. Here you are required to examine a series of statements which establish a set of certain rules. The statements may be true and may not be true.

Reading Comprehension

There are 26-28 questions in this section and you will be given 35 minutes to complete them. The Reading Comprehension tests your ability to make sense of dense, unfamiliar prose. The reading comprehension consists of a few passages accompanied by 5-8 question each.

Variable Section

The Variable Section isn’t as important as the first four sections because it isn’t scored. The test makers use this section to collect information for future LSAT tests.

Writing Section

The law schools use the LSAT Writing Section as a comparison tool to assess your writing and composing skills. Although Writing Section is not scored, it’s still very important because the law schools use this section to choose between relatively equal candidates. The candidates need to write an essay in this section and the time allowed for it is 35 minutes.

The test scored on a scale of 120-180 points. The registration fee for LSAT exam is $180.

Study tips for LSAT success

Here are some important study tips for candidates that want to achieve a better score in LSAT exam.

  1. Find the best study materials

Finding the best study materials is the most important step for LSAT test preparation. The candidates need to find the best book that can provide them with proper help at every step of the way. Usually, one book is enough for proper preparation. However, if you are willing to strengthen your skills, you may take help from two or more books. Kaplan LSAT Premier 2016-2017 and 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI: (PrepTests 72–81) are the most popular books that can serve you very well during exam preparation.

Moreover, We believe that online prep courses are a better option for candidates as they can analyze the reputation of the course by taking a look at the reviews of previous students.

  1. Practice, Practice and Practice

The BrainDumpsKit practice tests are really important for improving your performance on LSAT. They help you a lot in getting yourself familiar with the LSAT concepts. The practice also is also very important for overcoming the levels of difficulty. During this time, the candidates get the chance to figure out their mistakes so they do not repeat them in the final exam.

No matter whether it’s free or paid, LSAT practice test provides you with an overview of how well you are going to perform in the final exam. LSAT practice test enables you to solve different questions in the required time.

  1. Focus on LSAT Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is the most important part of the test as it makes up half of your LSAT score. Therefore, we strongly recommend the candidates to spend most part of the preparation on understanding the concepts of Logical Reasoning.

  1. Don’t underestimate the LSAT Writing Sample

The LSAT Writing Sample is obviously an important part of the test because the law schools may use this sample when reviewing your records. In other words, a Writing Sample is a great option you can use to impress the administration of your desired law school.


Every law school candidate needs to take LSAT test in order to pursue a career in the law industry. The Logical Reasoning and Writing Sample are the two most important elements of LSAT test that require more attention than others. The candidates that follow a proper preparation plan have a better chance of passing LSAT exam. If you need more information about LSAT test, please visit the official Law School Admission Council website.

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