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Classic Traditional Window Treatments for a Stylish Home

The onset of a new season is always the best time for updating one’s home. Every homeowner certainly likes to have natural light inside the house while having a comfortable ambiance in the room that protects interior furniture from UV rays. What can help a homeowner accomplish this better than choosing the correct window treatments? Contemporary and traditional window shades are the two classic styles of interior design. Let’s take a quick glimpse at some popular traditional styles which even today are considered unique and can add a ton of personality to a space.

Traditional Window Treatments

Traditional window shades have some distinguishing features from modern styles. Their ornamentally designed fabrics, rich earthy toned hardware and elegantly looking hanging drapes are some common looks. Traditional window treatments are often paired with decorative valances, creating a luxurious look.

Some Traditional Window Treatment Ideas

  • Luxe Country Bedroom

Coordinate draperies with valance panels to frame sliding glass doors or large windows typically found in living rooms or bedrooms. This window treatment idea adds dimension to a room. Patterned fabrics in traditional window shades bring personality and style to a space. A bedroom is sure to look elegant and chic with this fashionable window treatment.

  • Lighted Living Room

A living room with light pouring through the drapes looks awesome. Nobody wants an entirely dark and gloomy space. This traditional window treatment brings natural light, highlights outside views and brings charm to the room. The gentle draping fabrics can be accentuated with a beautiful wooden rod while complementing other dark wooden furniture and accent pieces also present in the room.

  • Royal Red Dining Space

Rich red color drapery panels on sheer curtains portray a stateliness in the dining space. These traditional window shades give a dining room a royal look. Sheer curtains provide privacy while allowing sufficient natural light to enter. Complementing light cream color sheer curtains with dark red drapes offers a fabulous overall look and prevents the room from looking musty with dark color features.

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