Explainer Video for Startup: Why You Need It?

Explainer video for startup or as known as a startup videos. It’s a video that helps your audience understand better about what’s your startup, product, or service.

People want to understand what your product does and a short animation video is the best way to convey that message.

Whatever your startup category is, like Internet of Things (IoT), real estate, blockchain or others –every startup videos moreover animation should be the answer to make your startup business better.

Startup Videos: A Case Study

This week we had a great opportunity to interview Martyn Feller, the founder of Attractive Nomad.

We found that Attractive Nomad is an interesting start-up and we want to share a bit on the history behind Attractive Nomad.

As far as we know, Attractive Nomad is a web service that connects models with agents in an easy way.

If you are curious more about Attractive Nomad, let’s read the detail on the interview below.

Interviewer: What makes you created Attractive Nomad?

Martyn Feller: I created Attractive Nomad for the following reasons:

1. Being a model for 15 years, I knew about the pains models experience in trying to get in front of a model agent to find representation.
2. Identified that the process of how agencies go about placing and sourcing models, in today’s world is outdated.
3. I’m getting old and wanted a post-modeling career.

Interviewer: I’m curious if you have any competitor?

Or do you think the conventional model agency is also your competitor?

Martyn Feller: Our competition are the large model networking sites, where models can create accounts – but get clumped with the masses.

Our solution is simplicity as well as specificity – Being seen by agents in specific markets you want to find representation in.

Conventional model agencies represent the other half of our user base.

Our new market-specific approach to finding models presents ‘cut to the chase’ sourcing for agents, saving them time, as well as allowing them to harness new relationships with other agents and agencies both domestically and abroad.

Startup Videos for Evergreen Content

Interviewer: What is your plan in 2022 for Attractive Nomad?

Martyn Feller: The plan for 2022 is to prove the business model, establish credibility and provide value for agents and models, and hustle like hell! It’s early stages right now but we are moving in the right direction with small wins every day.

Interviewer: Your first explainer video for Attractive Nomad is for the models. Why do you think it is important for you to have an explainer video?

Martyn Feller: Having a video to explain my business to models is essential.

As I am dealing with a demographic of 17-25 y.o, that only like to watch videos and look at images.

They are not reading articles in todays fast paced world, and if they do.

I can guarantee they are skimming through it.

I need to get me message across quickly and joyfully.

And then, the video I created with Breadnbeyond is engaging, simple and to the point and is a vital tool in the marketing arm of my business.

So far it is the best investment I have made for marketing. Especially for running a video marketing campaign.

Interviewer: Then what about the agents? Do you have any plan to make an explainer video for them too?

Martyn Feller: Seeing how inexpensive the model video was, and how well it turned out – there is a strong possibility that in the future I might create an explainer video for agents too.

The guys at Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company , did a flawless job and it was a pleasure working with them throughout the entire process.

Startup Videos: An Example

This an explainer video for startup that we made for Attractive Nomad to help you understand more about their services:

Now, you had the interview and watch their explainer video. What do you think about their service? I hope you enjoy the interview and start using their service.

How do you use your startup videos? Share your experience in the comment box!

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