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The use-cases of NFTs are exploding. The adoption of NFTs is at its peak, attracting gigantic investment into different sectors, resulting in technological advancement. The potential that NFT holds goes beyond digital arts. It has done wonders for licenses and intellectual property. The days are really near when you can buy your dream home as an NFT and then borrow against it by collateralizing it through decentralized finance. It is on its way to unlocking various possibilities, liquidity, and value in every sector. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are transforming the digital landscape by ushering in the values of transparency, reliability, and performance. 

The unique blockchain-powered ecosystem is made of applications, products, and services that are designed to deliver excellence to all our celebrities, enabling them to realize and enjoy the benefits associated with decentralized technologies. Blockchain technology is transforming the digital landscape by ushering in the values of transparency, reliability, and performance. 

NFT Marketplaces That Are Shining Due To Launch Of Celebrities NFT 

  • BeyondLife.Club
  • ArtOfficial
  • SuperRare
  • Colexian

Why These NFT Marketplaces Are The Talk Of The Town? Here’s Why-    

  • BeyondLife.Club

BeyondLife.Club is an NFT platform that is currently trending because of its two drops that are related to famous personalities. Let’s take a look at them- 

  1. The first drop was Amitabh Bachchan (Big B) is a Bollywood legendary actor known for his versatility. He has a fan following of all age groups. Also he is an evergreen actor. Along with BeyondLife.Club Big B participated in the rage of NFTs and rolled his first set of NFTs. It got a huge response from the world.
  2. The second drop was a tribute to Stan Lee’s 99th birthday special NFTs. This made a huge record where the loot box and jumbo jukebox got sold within a minute.

The highest selling NFT in the history of Crypto was Beeple. It was sold at around seventy million USD. And, no other auction has crossed it to date. And, it all happened through the WENEW NFT marketplace. 

  • SuperRare 

Likewise, Snoop Dogg rolled a new set of NFT series including audio and video elements on SuperRare NFT Marketplace. Not only this, but Snoop Dogg has offered his voice talents to multiple NFT themed projects. 

  • ArtOfficial 

Gary Vayerchuk is an NFT enthusiast that believes in the power of NFTs. It also considers NFTs as the bridge between creators and content. Therefore, he launched ArtOfficial to give equal opportunity to everyone and explore the world of NFTs. 

  • Colexion

Besides, The iconic cricket superstar Yuvraj Singh rolled his NFTs through the Colexion NFT marketplace. Specifically, It is a company that is familiar for launching NFTs for celebrities and artists.  


Anyone who is interested in investing in NFTs, BeyondLife.Club’s NFT marketplace is all set to launch. According to statistics, the Juke Box and Loot Box sold out in 45 seconds. And, only two percent of people were able to get it. If you are in that 98% who missed the drop, no worries! The Marketplace is on its way. Be ready! 

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